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Print clearly or type your information! Please read everything on this application form carefully. Documents will be sent to the address you list below, please make sure you list the address where you want your documents to be sent

Applications must be mailed. Cannot be sent by e-mail or fax.
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There is an old saying that a chaplain can always be a minister, but a minister cannot always be a chaplain. Ordained chaplains must be come ordained ministers first. Chaplain Fellowship Ministries ordains our members as ministers and chaplains. Becoming a licensed or ordained chaplain and minister is not a trivial matter. It represents the setting apart of an individual for ministry.

Date: _________________________

Name: ____________________________ Middle initial: ________ Last Name: _______________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________ State: _________________ Zip Code: __________________

Home Phone: (____) _______________________________ Work Phone: (___)_______________________________

E-mail Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____________________________ Age: ___________________ Sex: __________________________

Marital Status: [     ] Single [     ] Married [     ] Divorced [     ] Remarried [     ] Other

Hair Color: __________________ Eye Color: _____________________ Height: _____________

Current Driver License or State ID #: ____________________________ State: ____________________

Are you a legal US or British Citizen? Yes: _____   No: _______   If the answer is no your application will not be approved

Are you now or have you ever been a member of any organization that support racism? [     ] NO [     ] Yes

Veteran: [     ] Yes [    ] No - Branch: ___________________ Your Present Occupation: _____________________________

Are you credentialed for ministry? [     ] NO [     ] Yes [     ] Licensed [     ] Ordained [     ] Commissioned

If yes? Who with: ___________________________________________________________________

Did a member recommend you: Yes ___________ No: ___________

If yes? Member's Name: ____________________________________ Member's ID#: ________________________________

PLEASE NOTE: Emergency contact information and any major health problems you may have will be encoded in the magnetic strip on the back of your wallet ID Card. This has helped save one of our member's life involved in an auto accident.

In Case of an emergency notify: _______________________________________________________ Relationship: ____________________________________ Phone: _________________________________

Health Problems: Heart Disease: _______ High Blood Pressure: _________ Diabetes: ________ Other: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Document Quality and Security: All documents are produced by commercial laser jet printers for the highest quality. We use parchment paper for all our documents, not card stock, or redesigned certificates. Our ID Cards are 30 mill PVC "Plastic" cards with holograph seals of authenticity, security bar codes, and an overlay to protect your card. ID cards are produced with commercial ID equipment owned by CFMI which protects your personal information from identity theft . Your personal information is kept in locked file cabinets at all times. It never leaves our office for any reason. We do not trade, share, lease or sell our member's personal information to anyone for any reason.

Criminal Background Check: all applicants must pass a background check. Have you ever been convicted of a felony? [    ] Yes [    ] No - If yes please explain on a separate sheet of paper and include any legal documents detailing your conviction. Chaplain Fellowship does background checks on all applicants. This does not mean you will not be approved! We are very understanding, many of us have been broken and have had our own problems. That is why most of us know what it means to say we walk the walk!

Read Carefully: Make sure you read this application very carefully before signing. No application will be considered or processed without this application being completely filled out, signed, dated and all required documents submitted. Please be sure to provide the following with your application. No application will be processed unless the following requirements are complete: All memberships and ID cards must be renewed each year on or before the renewal date located on your membership certificate and ID Card.

1. Resume: Please tell us anything you feel that would help us understand your need to become a member of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. We are recruiting people that know how to walk the walk, so we are very understanding to your calling. We are looking for those who have been there and know how to give from the heart for the Glory of God kingdom.

2. Documents and ministerial experience: Include all degrees, certificates of completion and certification and any other documents showing years of service and ministry experience.

3. Two Passport Photos: Not a copy of your passport or scanned photos. Passport photos must have a white background, nothing else will be accepted, membership will not be approved unless this requirement are fulfilled.

4. Character Reference Letters:  Four letters from people who know your character, CANNOT be family members. Character reference letters must have contact information on for each reference. "E-mail and phone" References will be checked!

5. Photocopy of Current driver’s license: Identification must be verified, forward with your application a photocopy of your Current driver's license.

Senior Chaplain membership Requirements: To be a Senior Chaplain the applicant must have 3 years of experience in an existing field of ministry. For example if you are a prison ministry chaplain you would have to have 5 years of experience in prison ministry. In other words you must have 5 years of experience in a specific field of ministry, not just in ministry itself.

SENIOR CHAPLAIN PROCESSING FEE FOR MEMBERSHIP IS $185.00. This is a one time processing fee. Senior Chaplain membership include the items listed below. New membership packages may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery once application has been received and approved. Senior Chaplains are held to a higher standard by the very nature of their positions of maturity and are required to accept responsibility for the stability and advancement of the ministry by making a monthly commitment of $25.00 a month. Thereby acknowledging that no faith based institution or ministry can stand or be of full service unless all members accept some responsibility for the welfare of the ministry. All applicants for membership must pass a background check. Processing donation also covers background check. The leadership and dedicated members of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries believe in honesty, integrity and accountability.

1. Ministry Membership Certificate
2. Ministry Endorsement Certificate
3. Ministry Ordination Certificate
4. Ministry License Certificate
5. Ministry certificate of endorsement as a chaplain
6. Ministry Letter of good standing
7. Two
Senior Chaplain Photo ID Card with 25 small holograph seals of authenticity, (A.) A wallet ID Card with a Magnetic strip on back with your emergency contact information encoded in the strip and an overlay to protection your card. (B.) A clip on ID Card to be used when working in the field.
8. Ministry Appointment as a Senior Chaplain
9. Access to ministry certification courses
10. Access to ministry bibles courses
11. Access to ministry Badges, Decals, Patches and other ministry items more.

12. One free course of instruction. Check one course from the list below. The download link for the course and exam you check will be e-mailed to the e-mail address on your application! The Public Safety course will be on CD due to the size of the course and have to be mailed.

Please Note: You are not required to complete any of these courses to qualify for membership, they are provided to you FREE of charge as a benefit of membership so you can complete them if you want to receive a Certificate of completion or certification. Certificate will be Issued for courses completed with a score of at least 72%. Again it is NOT required that you complete the course you select!

SELECT ONE FREE COURSE OF INSTRUCTION: 1. Hospice care ministry _______  2. Prison Ministry ______  3. Nursing Home Ministry ______  4. Pastoral Crisis Counseling _______  5. Public Safety______  6. Intercessory Prayer _______

Note: The cost of one of these courses is more than your whole membership ands document package!

Ministry partner's who keep their pledge will have their membership automatically renewed the following year. Ministry Partners only pay a $25.00 exam fee for most of the courses of instruction we offer, as long as their membership in good standing. Ministry Partners receive discounts on ministry supplies requested from our web site. NOTE: Discounts only apply for items requested through our web site. Discounts do not apply for orders placed through Cafe Press, they are an independant company.

I am making my Senior Chaplain "Ministry Partner" my monthly pledge of [     ]  $25.00 [     ]  $30.00 [     ]  $35.00 [     ]  $45.00 [     ]  $55.00 [     ] $100.00 [     ]  $200.00 [     ] $300.00 [     ] $400.00  [     ] $500.00 for the stability and advancement of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries.

1. I understand that my membership with Chaplain Fellowship Ministries does not give me the rights to state or federal tax exemption. I understand that as a member of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries it is my responsibility to download and study the member's code of ethics from the member's area. I also hereby give my authorization to Chaplain Fellowship Ministries to run a criminal background check on my person at any time my actions or Character may come into question. I understand that Chaplain Fellowship Ministries does not employ or guarantee employment to any member, chaplain, or minister.

2. I understand that if I fail to keep my monthly commitment of support to Chaplain Fellowship Ministries it will be considered unscriptural conduct and failure to maintain my membership requirements in good standing. In such case I will not be able to renew my membership as a Senior Chaplain, but are welcome to renew as a Registered chaplain.


Signature Is Required: ______________________________________________________ (Required)

Personal information is not published, sold or given to outsiders: All personal information given is strictly confidential; it is only used for confirmation of your endorsement and certification which is logged in our legally licensed membership ledger and recorded for duly authorized ministry verification purposes only. Any alterations to this form will cause it to be void and application will not be considered. In the event that an applicant is not approved denied membership, the applicants donation will be returned to them in full. All documents submitted with application for membership become the property of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries.

Chaplain Fellowship Ministries Holds all Members Accountable For Their Action - Without Accountability There Is No Credibility

Unscriptural conduct, failure to maintain membership requirements in good standing, or doctrinal departure from the tenets of faith, shall be considered sufficient grounds upon which any member may be disqualified and removed as a member of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. Such discipline shall be prayerfully administered according to Scriptures by the governing board of directors (Matt. 18:15-17; Rom. 16:17; 1 Cor. 5:9-13; 2 Thess. 3:6). Members agree to the following: If any member is ever charged with a criminal act/sexual misconduct or assault, ethical misconduct "Conduct unbecoming of a chaplain or minister" that this document authorizes their employer or volunteer chaplaincy organization to release all information to Chaplain Fellowship Ministries or their designated investigating agency.

I hereby certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Chaplain Fellowship Ministries or affiliate ministries will be relying upon this information to grant me approval regarding ordination, license and endorsement. I acknowledge that any significant and material misstatements made by me will be just cause to deny membership, license, ordination or endorsement. Should any of my responses to these statements change I will immediately notify the home office of Chaplain Fellowship ministries. Every member of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries must agree to commit themselves to the responsibility of living within the established standards of the agreement within this application for membership. When a member fails to meet the responsibilities upon which they have agreed, then there is a need to hold the individual accountable. The purpose for accountability and discipline is to provide an opportunity for understanding, personal growth, and development. We believe that all members should want to help build up the Lords' ministry by recruiting new members, thereby acknowledging that no institution can stand or be of full service unless all members accept some responsibility for the welfare of the ministry. It is our prayer and hope that you as a new member will feel the same and consider helping us in the mission and vision the Lord has given us. "A ministry of His people".


Signature Is Required: _________________________________________________ (Required)


Checks or Money Orders: All donations must be in US funds. Make payable to: Chaplain Fellowship Ministries, Mail your completed application with your check or money order to the address at the top of this page. Checks must clear our bank before documents will be processed. New membership packages may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery once received and approved.

Major Credit Cards: You can make your donation using your major credit card by clicking on the donation button below. There will be a $3.00 credit card processing fee added to the total amount. Mail your completed application to the address at the top of this page after you make your donation. New membership packages may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for delivery once received in our office. Application must be sent in for processing within 30 Days from the date your donation was made through PayPal.

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Date Application was received: _________________

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Date vote was taken: _________________________

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Disapproved on: ____________________________

Member's ID No: ______________________________

Staff Members reviewing application.

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Dr. ______________________________________

Chaplain Fellowship Ministries is a faith based Christian Ministry legally incorporated as a Nonprofit public charity with Chaplains and Ministers serving Nationwide. The information required within this application shall be subject to change without notice. Chaplain Fellowship Ministries reserves the right to refuse membership, membership renewal, ordination, license or endorsement to any applicant or member by directive of the board of directors of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. All decisions made by the board of directors shall be binding and final.