Dr. Sonny Fox, Ph.D. "Saved by Grace thru Faith in Christ"

2nd Timothy 4:7 - “Run the Good Race, Finish the Race, and Keep the Faith”.

Dr. Sonny’s call to the Christian Ministry involves just six words: “Present the Gospel using Motorsports Parables.” Dr. Sonny is also a popular guest on several Christian radio programs where he demonstrates “live on-air” how motorsports technology and terminology can be used to present the gospel. You can check out the Christian Car Guy Radio Show by clicking on the link on the left. Dr. Sonny invites everyone to watch his live bible study program 3 times a week. Details below! ..


"Motorsports Parables" Live Weekly Bible Study

"Motorsports Parables" Live Weekly Bible Study: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday evenings 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM (PST)


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