Chaplain Gibson/Founder President
We Must Always Put Our Problems In God's Hands & Believe

James 1:22: But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. "It is not about just talking about the power of God, it is by putting His word into action.

Folks several years ago my dear wife Tina and I lived in a house that was 2300 square feet, we decided to down size. We bought a new three bedroom 1395 square foot brick home on my VA for just a dollar down. The next day I was sitting on the porch of the old house with my coffee. When my dear wife Tina came out I started laughing and she ask what are you laughing at? I told her we are the only people I know that can by a new house for a dollar down and not have the money to move. Tina looked at me and said practice what you preach, put it in God's hands and He will work it out. She said do you really think the Lord will bless us with the means to by a new house with a dollar down and not provide the means to move. I said I have put it in His hands, but I sure am wondering how he will work this one out. Folks three days later we received a letter from a member in Ohio with $250.00 cash in it. The letter said God spoke to him and told him that brother Gibson and his wife had an emergency financial need, send them what you can. I called him and ask if the money for the ministry? Or was it really for Tina and I? He said it is for you and your wife, you had better not give it to the ministry, because if you do you will be robbing me of my blessing. I told him what was going on and he laughed and said the day we bought the house was the same day the Lord had spoken to him, Tina and I thanked him and thanked the Lord for the wonderful blessing He had bestowed upon us through this dear brother in our time of need. Our son in law and daughter are the only one's we had to help us move, having a heart condition I knew they were not going to let me do very much, so I was concerned about how we were going to get everything moved. Todd my son in law said pop I took a week off so if it takes a week moving every day it was ok because we will get it done. Todd and I went and rented a truck, I came back home, Todd called my daughter Shannon from the truck rental place and told her a friend of theirs had called and told him he had 18 guys on his work crew who were paid for the day and they had no work. Todd told him we were moving and needed help, he said we will be there in 15 minutes. I was sitting out front when 7 pick up trucks pulled up out front with all these young men. To make a long story short we were all moved out and everything was set up in the new house within 5 hours. So is God Real? You better believe He is, and he will bless us and He will provide our needs.

Chaplain Fellowship Ministries is totally funded by the blessings received from members and the processing of documents for members. Folks all donations no matter how small are a blessing and will help assure that Chaplain Fellowship ministries will remain stable. With the Lords' guidance, blessings and grace our members are making a difference in the lives of thousands of people every day worldwide. Bless you and thank you for your time and your interest in Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. Chaplain Gibson
™Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc. is a nondenominational ministry of presence with ministers, pastors, reverends, priests and bishops serving as Chaplains worldwide.  ©Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc.

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