The 2011 conference was one of the best conferences we have ever had. We want to thank the following speakers for an outstanding job. Chaplain David Fair gave a presentation on disaster response. Chaplain Skip Straus gave a presentation on death notifications. Chaplain Larry Todd gave a presentation on Funeral Rituals and grief. Chaplain Steve Neatherlin gave a presentation on Faith based alcohol and drug rehab. Chaplain Milton Rosario gave a presentation on 911 from an officers stand point who was there at the time. Chaplain Milton Rosario is a retired NYPD detective. Chaplain Kymber Baker and Chaplain George Vander Linden received the Presidential call to service award. Chaplain Milton Rosario was promoted to Master Chaplain. Chaplain George Vander Linden was promoted to Senior Chaplain.

Chaplain Kymber Baker and Chaplain George Vander Linden received honorary Doctor of Divinity Degrees with an Emphasis: In Chaplaincy Studies. Chaplain James Manning accepted the position of director for the state of Georgia. Chaplain Manning is a retired federal agent with Homeland Security. The board of elders meet and established the Requirements for becoming a Senior or Master chaplain which is now outlined on the applications for such. There were nine members who received their formal ordination. We want to thank Chaplain Henry Curtis and Chaplain Charles Popovich from New York for performed the ordination ceremony, as always they did a wonderful job and blessed everyone. We will be posting photos at a later date as they come in from several members. Everyone had a good time and we are already planing next year's conference. Thank you Chaplain Gibson

The following photos were taken at the 2011 conference. We want to thank the members who sent in photos to be posted here. We had a good time and look forward to seeing everyone next year.


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