Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things l cannot change, courage to change those I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Welcome to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy division of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc. LEC "Law Enforcemnet Chaplain" must have a calling and be willing to spend a lot of time and make a major commitment to the work.

Law enforcement officers are faced with having to make split second decisions which at times cause a tremendous amount of anxiety, frustration and criticism for doing their jobs. Many times this will create problems for the officers and their families as well as their job performance. The chaplain responds to these unique personal, needs with spiritual guidance.

The chaplain offers support to law enforcement Officers, the administration, support staff, victims and their families.

The Process: The steps for beginning a law enforcement chaplaincy are as follows:

1. Pray for God's leadership.

2. Schedule a meeting with the chief of police, sheriff, or the person in charge.

3. Meet and discuss the needs.

4. Share ways a volunteer chaplain meets the needs.

5. Define the expectations of the department and the chaplain.

6. Follow up the meeting with a letter outlining the agreement.

7. Recruit chaplains once you have departmental approval.

8. Set a starting time and date.

9. Evaluate with the departments Chief monthly.

Chaplains provide support and spiritual Guidance for law enforcement officers and staff personnel through

MINISTRY OF PRESENCE: Chaplains regularly visit the department for personal contact with law enforcement personnel and staff. They build trusting relationships and establish credibility. Riding with the officers on their shifts, when allowed, is vital to a successful ministry.

COUNSELING: Chaplains provide guidance and confidential counseling for personal, family, and job-related problems. They refer those in need of professional help to qualified counselors.

EMERGENCY SERVICES: Chaplains assist families of officers/staff personnel/victims in times of serious injury, illness or death. They respond immediately to emergency situations involving departmental personnel and victims.

REFERRAL SERVICES:Chaplains maintain an updated list of spiritual and social service providers, to whom they refer departmental personnel, victims, and their families.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES: Chaplain's conduct worship services/Bible Studies as needed. They offer invocations and benedictions at academy graduations, award ceremonies, and civic and social events, as requested.

WEDDINGS/FUNERALS: Often the chaplain is the only minister with whom law enforcement can relate. Occasionally, the chaplain is asked to conduct weddings and funerals by the officers or their families. The chaplain responds to the need as an opportunity for ministry and witness.

TRAINING: Chaplains participate in basic law enforcement training. They sometimes become training resource leaders.

The Reason:Law enforcement officers need someone to assist them with death notifications, Suicide attempts and emotionally upset people who have been traumatized. They also need someone to care for their families and themselves during times of trauma or distress.

Public Safety Certification Course: This training is only offered to CFMI members in good standing!

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