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PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions please call our main office Monday - Friday 9:am to 4:pm central standard time at (254) 771-0053. A staff member will be happy to help you with any questions you have. It is the goal of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries to recruit and empower people to work in ministry within their own communities, by providing training and legal ministry and chaplaincy certification and documentation. This is done in recognition equal to their academic, life experiences and achievements,as well as the demonstrated competence they have shown in their personal and professional lives.

LIFE EXPERIENCES: Life experiences are vital and very important in the life of a chaplain. Chaplain Fellowship Ministries places a lot of value on life and ministry field experiences. Members of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries receive ordination, ministry license, bible training and specialized certifications training as a benefit of membership in accordance with their qualifications, skills and experience. Members are ordained and licensed as nondenominational chaplains and ministers! Please do not under estimate yourself or your life experiences.


BASIC CHAPLAIN MEMBERSHIP: This option is for Basic Chaplains who have very little or no experience in ministry and have never been legally ordained. Please for details and membership application. 
REGISTERED CHAPLAIN MEMBERSHIP: This option is for individual that have at least 2 years of experience in an existing field of ministry. For details and membership application. 
SENIOR CITIZEN CHAPLAIN MEMBERSHIP: This option is for senior citizens over 60 years of age, or who are retired and feel called to serve in ministry. Some of our seniors are chaplains at nursing homes and assisted living centers. For details and membership application. 

COMMISSIONED CHAPLAIN MEMBERSHIP: This option is for our ordained Pastors and Ministers who are already legally ordained, and have no need to be ordained or are not allowed by their church or denomination to hold duel ordinations. Applicants must submit a copy of their legal ordination certificate, all degrees and transcripts. We do not provide ordination for commissioned chaplains. For details and membership application. Please note we do not accept diploma mill ordinations
DAV CHAPLAINS TENNESSEE: This option is for the Disabled American Veteran's Chaplain's of Tennessee only. Individual applying for this option must be a DAV Chaplain approved by COL. Ron Hartley:- The head Chaplain of DAV Chaplains of Tennessee before membership will be approved. For details and membership application. 

SENIOR CHAPLAIN MEMBERSHIP: This option is for individual who are legally ordained and have at least 3 years of experience in an existing field of ministry. For membership application.  

MASTER CHAPLAIN MEMBERSHIP: This option is for individual who are legally ordained and have at least 5 years of experience in an existing field of ministry. For membership application. 
VISION: A nation in which all chaplains and those whom they serve freely exercise their God- given rights and constitutionally-protected religious liberties without fear of reprisal.

PURPOSE: To ensure that chaplains can defend and provide for the freedom of religion and conscience that the Constitution guarantees all chaplains and those whom they serve.

STATEMENT OF FAITH: Chaplain Fellowship Ministries members believe in, profess and adhere to the following Christian truths:
(1) I believe the Bible is the inherent, infallible Word of God in the original languages and the absolute standard for moral conduct;
(2) I believe in the Trinity; ("The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit")
(3) I believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
(4) I believe I am saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
(5) I understand that Chaplain Fellowship Ministries is a Christ centered, Christ rooted ministry of presence.

(1) To empower Chaplains with legal documentation needed to serve in their own ministry of presence.
(1) To honor and secure the spiritual beliefs and religious liberties of Chaplains and those whom they serve.
(2) To enable all Chaplains to serve to the full extent of their God given rights to follow their calling in ministry.
(3) To nurture and support an environment that protects, honors and cherishes the role of Chaplains in American culture.

™Chaplain Fellowship Ministries recruits, trains, certifies and empowers hard working men and women to serve as chaplain and ministers in their own ministries of presence. This enables them to respond within their own communities in some form of ministry. Chaplain Fellowship also has Chaplains in the United States military, hospice, nursing homes, Law Enforcement, Federal agencies, Fire Departments, Emergency services and community ministries.

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