The purpose of offering this course of instruction is help chaplains., ministers and others who want to get involved in nursing home ministry.


Nursing home ministry has been over looked by most ministries, chaplains and ministers for the same reason that many of their families stop visiting them over a period of time, it can be heart breaking and stressful.


Nursing home ministry is a ministry working with elderly people who are often confused, depressed and in many cases dying. Nursing home chaplains and ministers have to be dedicated, serious, understanding, and have the love of Christ in their hearts to reach out to those who are coming to the end of their lives. Human touch and loving kindness can help make their day to day lives a little better.


Chaplains and ministers will learn from this course of instruction: THey will gain an understanding of how aging affects senior citizens in nursing homes, and the importance of prayer in their lives.


Furthermore they will learn the responsibilities of becoming a nursing home chaplain and minister and be able to Identify with their emotional and spiritual needs. Cost is $75.00 for the course and certificate of completion after a passing score of at least 72%.


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