Make sure you read your renewal application carefully before signing. No application for renewal of membership, license or endorsement will be considered or processed without the application being completed in full, signed and dated.


PLEASE NOTE: Members will receive two ID Cards when they renew their members.

1. Wallet ID Card with a Magnetic strip on back with an overlay for the protection of the card, member's information will be encoded in the magnetic strip,

2. Clip on ID Card used when in the field or doing nursing home or hospital visitations, clip on cards do not have the magnetic strip. Both cards will have 25 holograph seals of authenticity on the front and back.Criminal background checks are run every year at membership renewal time. 

 If you have any questions please call the home office at (254) 771-0053 or email the home office at { Monday - Friday } 9:am to 5:pm central standard time.                      

                         Check Drop Down Box for Membership Renewal Options                           

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