PLEASE NOTE: This area is for members only, NOT the general pubic. All item here are offered on a donation basis to CFMI licensed and ordained members only. WE do not sell anything to the general public. These items are items needed by our licensed and ordained members in the performance of their duties as Chaplains and Ministers. Non members who try to order these items will in fact be making a donation to the ministry and will only receive a tax exempt receipt for their donation.

Non members please do not order anything through PayPal from this site, all orders are checked to make sure they are members,, Again we cannot make this any clearer. NON member who try to order from this site will only receive a donation receipt.

Federal law does not allow donation made to a public charity to be refunded! Chaplain Fellowship ministries if requested will be more than happy to make a donation to any public charity they desire in the amount they paid trying to order items from this site.

In accordance with IRS rules and regulations all items listed in our catalog are for the convenience of our members that directly helps them furthers their volunteer and educational activities in ministry and for their organization’s exempt purpose.

Member's membership must be in good standing in order to request the items listed in the member's catalogs, records of membership are check and verified. Thank you for your time! Dr. Donald Gibson

Member's Catalogs - Supplies - Training Pocket Guides - Replacement Documents.

Download member's training pocket guides & Training course catalog
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Please Note: If you have misplaced your password please contact the home, include your name and ID card number in your e-mail request for your password. To e-mail the home office.

™Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International a faith based nondenominational Ministry of presence recognized Internationally as a ministry of presence.

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