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Romans 12:1-4-8 Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully.

Testimonies, Praise reports, news, special interest and Field Reports are being posted here in order to give others an idea of the different types of ministries that our chaplains are involved in.

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From Chaplain Luis Rodriguez: Dear Brother chaplains I am writing with a broken heart, I am here in Puerto Rico working for the Federal Gov. The Christian community needs your prayers. I am doing the best I can to help. Inspector Luis Rodriguez /Chaplain US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY FEDERAL PROTECTIVE SERVICE /NPPD HATO REY PR 00918 Luis.rodriguez@hq.dhs.gov Romans 13.4 "for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God's minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. Thank you for your prayers, God bless everyone! Chaplain Luis Rodriguez Commander CFMI Puerto Rico.
Christmas Dinner: Temple, Texas (KWTX) A local nonprofit served hundreds in the Temple community with a free meal Sunday afternoon. It was sponsored by the Neighbors United Program, which is a community outreach system through Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. This is the second year the event has been held. The event was meant to help those in need of a hot meal, but to also offer a friendly face for anyone spending the holiday alone. "It's about the holiday spirit,” “It's about everybody coming and enjoying their time and having a smile on their face and knowing that they're not alone." About 50 volunteers served about 500 meals. What a great day this was providing Christmas Dinner for those in need of a hot meal and/or those needing a smiling face to talk to on Christmas day! Thanks to the numerous volunteers to include State Representative Hugh Shine, the Troy Leo Club, the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association, who served food, delivered meals to shut ins who could not attend the dinner. We want to give a huge thank you to the First United Methodist Church of Temple, who volunteered their facilities.
Christmas at the Jail: how chaplains help officers feel remembered this holiday: HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The volunteer chaplains corps serving Madison County deputies who work at the Madison County Detention Facility have a unique ministry. They don't tend to the inmates; they have their own assistance. These chaplains serve the officers strictly. "We love them. We just come on a regular basis to the jail to visit them, encourage them, become their friend. That's the main thing," said chaplain Reggie Whiddon. "They're just the invisible heroes in our mind. And that's what motivates us to come." Some corrections officers will confess they often feel forgotten. They, unlike those on patrol on the streets, work inside jail walls to protect the people. They work 12 hours a day alongside people society has locked away, and the public mostly never sees them."There's not really that many people you can talk to about this kind of job. It's a real stressful type job," explained Field Training Officer Mike Anderson. "When the chaplains come in, there's always a smiling face, and it's a way to get through." Wednesday, the chaplains passed out gift bags personalized for each officer. Local churches and schools made it possible, and they even put Christmas cards with handwritten notes in each bag. The bags had deputies' favorite snacks, a Bible, some gift cards, even some games. These were presented to the deputies in appreciation of their work, that many may not even know they do. "It's a community effort. We as chaplains, we're just the ones who get to deliver it," said Whiddon. It's all about helping the officers feel remembered this holiday season. And it seems to have worked. Some were overwhelmed when given their gift bags, accompanied by a hug from a chaplain." I can't begin to express the thanks I have for these guys. The love that I have for them. It's great to know that someone actually cares about what we do," said Anderson. "We probably get more of a blessing as chaplains than the officers receive," countered Whiddon, "because we get to shake their hand, give them an embrace, look them in the eye, and tell them that we care. And there's a community that cares. And we say thank you." In a largely negative world, this brought some joy. "It's Christmas inside the jail. It really is," said Anderson.
Chaplain Gibson - OFFICER DOWN - Reflecting back as a Law Enforcement Officer and Chaplain: We had a deputy sheriff killed in an auto accident responding to a call, man with a gun. When I heard the news about Adam dying it broke my heart. I reflected back on working as a LEO chaplain and all the times we talked while on patrol, or while on breaks at the truck stop drinking coffee. I thought about how many times I have rode with Adam and other officers at high rates of speed and how blessed I am to have not been involved in such a tragic accident. There have been two officers I used to ride with that have been involved in serious accidents, the officer did survive. Then I reflected back to when I was a police officer and many times I was behind the wheel at 100 plus, how many times I took guns or knives away from criminals, and how many times I had literally stared death in the face and overcame the threats. We will never know why God spares some and takes others, so let us show how much we care and appreciate their service now so we will not have any regrets if something bad happens. I will always remember Adams smile, I will always remember the good times when we laughed together. I will also remember the bad times we went through together. I am a blessed man to have known Adam as well as all the other officers I have worked with over the years. They were good men who believed in what they did, they really cared about people. So the next time we see a police officer why not just say thank you for putting their lives on the line protecting us and our families. Folks I know there are also some bad people in law enforcement, but I myself have been blessed to have only known good police officers personally. I pray for Adam and his family, he was a wonderful young man who did make a difference, he died way too young, yet he died doing what he loved. We go out of our way to tell our troops thank you every day, but do we ever even stop to think about our police officers, Fire Fighters and EMS Emergency Services responders? I want to say God bless you and thank you to all our Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters, and emergency Service Responders for their service to our nation and our communities. I pray that God will watch over them and their families. Have a wonderful and blessed day! Chaplain Gibson
Madison County Detention Facility Chaplains. Jail chaplaincy programs is not like others, as these chaplains volunteer to work with the staff, not the inmates. There are local churches and ministries that work with the inmates. The facility houses up to 1220 inmates with a staff of 215. The officers work the floors and tiers of the jail on 12 hour tours of duty. Their interaction with inmates working 12 hours shifts is mentally demanding, traumatic and often causes the staff to experience a lot of stress showing PTSD type symptoms. As a counter balance to this serious situation, the leadership of the jail realized a need to have Chaplains available with corrections training to work with the their officers and families when needed. There are 10 chaplains at this time, more will be added as needed. Chaplain Reggie Whiddon the third from the left front row is the lead chaplain who worked with Chaplain Gibson setting this program up. Chaplain Whiddon is a wonderful man that has a beautiful heart for helping others. All these chaplains are members endorsed by Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. to see photo and news video
Chaplain Dwight Menix from New Mexico reporting in: Greetings from the beautiful mountains in New Mexico. This is a little late, But "Happy New Year"! As I stated in my last report that there has been infidelity in my family and 2 marriages have been broken. Now God has put me into the position of helping these families heal. Also, with my new position as a Special Education Teacher at our Middle school. God has placed an 8th grade young man in my life to mentor. He now comes to my horse farm on weekends to help me work. He is finally learning that he dose matter and that he can be productive in society. God Bless,Chaplain Dwight Menix

CFMI Members update: We received official notice last night that chaplain Fellowship has been chosen to be the new endorsement ministry for the Madison county Alabama detention facility. The County Jail houses up to 1220 inmates with a staff of 215. Master chaplain Reggie Whidden will be the lead chaplain with a staff of 9 to 10 chaplains to start with; more will be added as needed. We welcome them and look forward to working with them in the future. God bless you and thank you for your time!
Ministry Update: Chaplain David Cody Franz from Texas has been promoted to commander of Chaplain Fellowship Warriors in Crisis. This is a new department and vision of Chaplain Franz and Chaplain Gibson. The mission of this new department will be to find the resources to provide wheel chairs to veterans and first responders "Police Officers and Fire Fighters", who need wheel chairs. The chairs we will be working on getting can be seen in the video below, the cost of these chairs are half the cost of a regular electric chair. These chairs should also fit in the trunk of most cars, which will save having to add special equipment to their autos. Please keep this new department in your prayers. To view the whellchair
Chaplain Floyd Dale Stearns reporting in from Texas: This is a little late in getting to you and all the members...We had our monthly fellowship meeting on September 20,2014. Chaplain...Dale & Sandy Stearns, Justin Gowin, and a Darryl Walker, a visitor, (who feels that he is called to be a Chaplain). We want to thank Justin Gowin for bringing the white bean chili...sure was good. Justin gave a report from the Mexico border that members of his church have been doing missionary work for 2 months. They have had truck load of clothes and food to take down and they have been asked to take loads across the border to distribute to those in need their. Our God has been working marvelous with that group. Chaplain Sireka Arrendando was at the Havins Unit preparing to start working with them on an Anger Management class. Chaplain Gary Smith was also out there with the Christian Motorcycle group to hold a Revival. Be in prayer for his family he lost his aunt. Chaplain Ed Husley was working with the Chrisis Chaplain Service where he is employeed full time. There are several companies that have asked for Chaplains...2 nursing homes, TYC, GS4 needing assistance chaplains. Those chaplains present were asked to sign the Statement of Belief and the back page of the Code of Ethics, pages to be mailed to home office. The group is in agreement to help with St. Jude's Children's Hospital in raising funds with the home office. Discussions were also done on nursing homes, the affiliated subordinate ministry, Great Non-profits, Bullying, and the member Get-Away from Star of Texas, Human Trafficking. Please keep my wife and I, Sandy, in your prayers...we've made some major decesions this year and the Lord has blessed us with one...we've been approved for a manufactured home, funds were obtained for our down payment and the house will be delivered the end of the month. Our God is an awesome God!!!! We ask that all CFMI members to keep the home office in our prayers, praying for Don & Tina, Shannon and Joanne. They do some awesome work by keeping up with all of the CFMI members. Thanks for all you do. God Bless Chaplain Dale Stearns of Brownwood. TX. Thank you for your report, Chaplain Gibson
DEATH NOTIFICATION: Folks we are very sad to report the death of Chief chaplain Sonny Fox from California. His wife called notified us that Sonny had a stroke and died. Sonny was a man who was full of life and never had any health problems to speak of, it came sudden without any warning. Dr. Fox was a motorsports chaplain who was often a guest on the Christian car guy's radio show. Sonny was also a retired Navy commander and elder of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. Please join with us here at the office keeping his wife Linda in our prayers, she is a very humble, sweet kind and caring lady who not only lost her husband, she also lost her best friend!. Chief Chaplain Sonny Fox was 66 years old.Thank you for your time, Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Bob W. Rudichar reporting in from Wyoming: God be praised for the opportunity to serve Him and to do so through affiliation with CFMI! For January/February, I offer the following events: 165 ministry contacts. Attended ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) 2-day workshop. Attended Healthcare Coalition 2-day workshop. Recruited, interviewed new On-Call and Associate Chaplains (8 in all) and began latest Chaplain Training workshop at the Healthcare Science and Education Center at the Gillette College campus. This will bring our number of On-Call/Associate Chaplains to 26. Recruited 2 more Abiders for a total of 18. Conducted New Nurse Orientation CNA classes on death notification, CISM introduction, and resident/staff grief (overall, 32 in attendance). Provided assist with a suicide intervention. 2 major hospitals called and asked about our volunteer chaplain training program. We were happy to share our materials with them for adaptation to their specific needs. It is a wholesome delight and privilege to be able to serve as a clinical chaplain. As much as I enjoy reaching out to patients, family members and staff, I take even greater pleasure in facilitating opportunity for our volunteer staff to offer their services and make a difference in our community. It is pure enjoyment to watch various ones rise to greater heights of service as the Lord blesses them with even further responsibilities. Equipping the saints for service! God be praised for this privilege. Respectfully submitted Master Chaplain Bob W. Rudichar / Thank you for your report CH Rudichar /Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Ron Jones reporting in from Florida: Greetings, Just wanted to let CFMI and our brothers and sisters know that the various training that has been made available to us is excellent. Having completed Pastoral Crisis Counseling, Disaster Response, Cultural Diversity and Spirituality and now working on the Domestic Violence course, I have found them to be among some of the most informative, well written, and useful courses I have taken, not to mention the price is outstanding for members. I would encourage others to take advantage of this training as it has helped to open ministry doors and I have had no problem with being recognized with the credentials we are provided. I currently serve on two CISM teams for first responders as their chaplain and peer support along with two other national organizations that have accepted my life experience and credentialing through CFMI as a chaplain. Thank you chaplain Gibson, staff, and directors for the hard work you have done that makes this ministry what it is, may God continue to bless this ministry and what it does for the kingdom. In His Service, Ron Jones, Florida / Thyank you for your report Chaplain Jones. Respectfully Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Robert Volk reporting in from New York: Dr. Gibson, It has been awhile since I last contacted CFMI but I wanted to give an update to the ministry that I have been involved in. I was accepted as a Chaplain Candidate for the NYARNG and am currently at Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course at Ft. Jackson. This could not have happened without God leading me to CFMI and CFGC. Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity. Robert F. Volk Thank you Chaplain Volk for the update!
Member's Update: Members can check for news and updates on this ministry page, or on our Facebook ministry page just .
Chaplains need to get involved, help stop bullying: Folks as Chaplains it is our responsibility to help in our communities with crisis situations. This is also true about our schools and children being abused by bullying. Chaplains can help schools, and children and parents to better understand and recognize bullying by training them; you have the information in this download that would help educate people in the community regarding bullying. You will find the information below. Furthermore you can share this information with others so they can get involved working to help stop bullying. PLEASE NOTE: LEO, Fire and emergency service chaplains can offer this training to schools and the public through your department which would be great PR for your chaplaincy program and the department. http://www.homeland-crisis.org/Bullying_1.zip. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain James (J.D.) Nolin reporting in from Florida: After serving over 30 years as a law enforcement officer, I retired as a Major with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida ,and God called me into the ministry, I know all too well the dangers both physical and spiritual that law enforcement officers face every day. I know that true officer survival is more than just a gun and bullet proof vest, but it is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I feel God has called me to bring and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all those in law enforcement and their families. To carry out this calling, I started a ministry called Brotherhood of Christian Law Enforcement Officers we provide Free bibles to Law Enforcement Officers A Memorial bible to the family of any officer that is killed in the line of duty A 24 hour, 7 days a week, on-line bible study for officers A web site where officers can pose a biblical question, share a praise report, or make a prayer request. We also provide encouragement, comfort and aid to Law Enforcement Officers or their families in times of crisis. Speaking engagements anywhere the perspectives and expertise of Christian Law Enforcement Officers could be of benefit. Within 2014 the Lord has given me the opportunity and honor to have officiated three wedding ceremonies and three funerals for Law Enforcement Officers and their families, and conduct over twenty-five hospital visitations. We have provided over 105 free bibles to officers who made a request through our web site at www.bcleo.org, within 2014 we have had 106 officers killed in the line of duty or to die from a duty related injury and we have provided memorial bibles to every family of each fallen officers. We also provided memorial bibles to each of the fallen officer’s agencies chief or sheriff. I would like to thank all the men and women that serve in Law Enforcement everyday to kept us safe, also I want to thank all my brothers and sisters in the Chaplain Fellowship Ministries for all they do. May God Bless you all. Thank you for your field report Chaplain Nolin, Chaplain Gibson
Ministry Update: Folks due to Tina and I’s age and to assure for the stability and advancement of Chaplain Fellowship ministries we are increasing the ministry board of directors from three members to 7 members. This will assure the ministry will be stable and safe from attempted take overs or greedy people who would change the mission and purpose of the ministry, attempts have already been made in the past which we have been able to stopped cold. Having an even stronger board of directors will be a blessed asset. Also I have been offer the position of Senior Bishop of the Wesley Synod of North America due to the death of our dear brother Senior Bishop Steven Sanchez. I accepted this appointment with the understanding it is for just long enough to help get everything stable and appoint one of our members who is a Methodist minister. This member came out of the United Methodist church and did graduate from the Methodist Seminary. I have no choice at my age but to accept this position only on a temporary basis, besides Chaplain Fellowship Ministries is 25 years of my life, it is my calling and a ministry I love with all my heart because of the lives it has touched and the work being done by members worldwide. I will retain my position that I have already been appointed to by the Wesley Synod in Canterbury England, as the Bishop and presiding prelate of the Southern United States. Folks my reason for keeping this position gives us the ability to help our members who have left the Methodist church to again become ordained Methodist ministers and receive Methodist church charters as their covering through the Wesley Synod in Canterbury England. The Wesley Synod a full Original Methodist and Historical Apostolic Synod, dating back to the 1800s and the C.M.E. Churches of America. The main office is in Canterbury England. The Senior Bishop is the Right Revd. Dr. Anthony Cowles who retired from the Church of England before becoming the Senior Bishop of the Wesley Synod. Bishop Cowles has been a dear friend for many years and spent his life doing the Lord’s work worldwide, he is a wonderful, blessed man, he has also been a member of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries since 2001. PLEASE understand that this DOES NOT in any way affects Chaplain Fellowship Ministries members or the ministry as a nondenominational ministry, again folks, it changes nothing, or affects our members in any way. It does give us the ability to provide some of our members WHO ARE Methodist an opportunity to receive their cover to start a Methodist church. Folks I posted this so when the rumors start you will already know the truth, some people have the most amazing way of twisting or distorting the truth. Have a wonderful and blessed day, Chaplain Gibson
THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ACTIVE SHOOTERS AND TERRORISTS: An Active Shooter Incident (ASI) is not a terrorist attack. However, since each murderous incident is focused on the execution of innocents, it is understandable why the media associates a terrorist attack at a Kenyan mall with ASIs in the US. The tactics employed by terrorists may be somewhat similar to an Active Shooter (AS), but the cause and the effect of an ASI and a terrorist attack are not the same. The differences between the two can easily be overlooked when one is to make sense out of a senseless act. This is the very reason these incidents at first glance appear to be similar when each is quite different. Sharing needed information.

Chaplain Rick Atkins reporting in: Chaplain Gibson and CFMI Brethren: Just wanted to share with you all that I have been selected as one of five inaugural members of the Bexar County Precinct 3 Constable's Office Chaplaincy Staff. We did our first ride along this past Friday night and it was awesome. What's even more amazing and wonderful is that the constable, Mark Vojvodich is a devout Christian man who is not ashamed of our faith. In fact, at the entrance to the office is a passage from the Book of Romans! It's such a blessing to know that we still have good people in public service! As you may or may not know, I am also in the process of planting a church and our start date will be March 23, 2014. I ask for your continued prayers in this process. Take care for now and may God bless you all.....In His Service, Chaplain Rick Atkins. Thank you for your update Chaplain Atkins, Chaplain Gibson
Field report from Chaplain Dwight Menix New Mexico: Greetings from the Land of Enchantment. What a busy Month of May! The school year was ending and summer was approaching fast. However, we are in the middle of a 3 year drought and we are praying that we will not have a repeat of last year's destructive wild fire.On a more positive note, as I mentioned in one of my past reports in which the young girl that I have been counseling for just over a year has been wanting me to take her horse back riding in the mountains. We finally took our first ride this past week for about 3 hours. I believe that this was very therapeutic for this young girl; she opened up and expressed her feelings which have been locked up for quite sometime and she has planned our future rides. Moreover, there are now two more young girls that want to go on our next ride. I asked these young girl's parents if they were ok with them going horse back in the mountains and they gave me their blessing. This may be a great start to a Youth Ministry program.Have a Great Summer!God Bless!Chaplain Menix Thank you for your report and all the hard work you do in the Lords' ministry. Chaplain Gibson
Field Report from Chaplain Dale Stearns, in Brownwood, TX, we have a monthly Chaplain Get-Together on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 5:30 pm at High Mesa Cowboy Church. We provide a FREE meal on this night and everybody enjoys that. We have some new members that have joined CFMI and got a couple that are getting the paperwork together. We are asking for prayer for Oklahoma. My wife and I went up Saturday with two fellow church members to deliver stuffed animals for the children, water and clothes. One can't imagine such devastation in the area, we pray for encouragement to overcome this...that insurance companies will assist these people...that the cities can get the area cleaned up...and that the Lord will place fellow Brother and Sisters in Christ around the people in this area. Chappy, we appreciate all that you do for this ministry, you've assisted so many people and words can not be expressed for all that you do. The CFMI Staff has been wonderful and that they have worked beyond the call of duty. Thank You Brother...and We will be in continued prayer for ALL OF THE STAFF AND THE MEMBERS OF CFMI. God Bless each and everyone of you...Chaplain Dale Stearns and Sandy Stearns, my wife. Thank you and your dear wife Chaplain Sterns for your report and all the hard work you both do in the Lords' ministry. Chaplain Gibson
DEATH NOTIFICATION, Master Chaplain Randee Mc Graw: Hi everyone. I am sorry but I do not know some of you and I may be sending e-mails to the wrong people. Just bear with me please. Randee is no longer around. He had been having a lot of problems and last Sunday was really a bad day. I took him to the ER in Vegas on Thursday and he did not come back home with me. He died @ 7:55 pm Vegas time. They listed the reason as being Parkinsons, cellulitis with septic. He had a temp of 103, told me he was having seizures, muscle spasms, his stomach felt like it was on fire and just basically has been in so much pain 24/7 for so long he was ready to go. He was DNR and he was not living any kind of a life. It was so hard having him leave me but I know he is in a much better life without pain and being around people/animals he has known and loved. My name is Sharon McGraw and my phone number is 309-264-0092. If you were invited to our welcome home party--it is still going to happen. Also, please tell everyone you know as I am sure I have missed a lot of people only because I did not know everyone that he knew that I needed to send this to. Thank you so much everyone! We are so sorry to hear that Chaplain Mc Graw has passed away. Chaplain McGraw was formally with the Chicagp Police Department and Disabled VietNam Veteran. Please keep his wife Sharon and his family in prayer. Chaplain Mc Graw was a wonderful dedicated Chaplain! Chaplain Gibson

Senior Chaplain Ernest Kudron reporting in from Colorado: After many years as an Industrial Chaplain at Denver International Airport and as a result of this ministry, I was asked to expand my ministry to Firefighters in the Denver Front Range region. I joined Grace Chaplain Services as A LT. last September and on Jan 1, 2013 I was promoted to Assistant Chief- Administration. We currently serve Strasburg and Bennet Fire Protection Districts in Colorado. We are also reaching out to local Law Enforcement Agencies and other Fire Districts. I continue to serve as an Airport Chaplain. I am seeking qualified Chaplains to help me with my new outreach in the Emergency Services field and plan on guiding interested parties to the benefits of joining me in CFMI and the training and fellowship that comes with the membership. Thank you and have a blessed year. Ernest Kudron, Thank you for your report!

Welcome to this week new members: Chaplain Joel Rodriguez from North Carolina, Chaplain Rudy Heckard from Maryland, Chaplain Sheryl Myers from Texas, Chaplain Elizabeth Niermann from Ohio. Welcome from the staff and members of CFMI. Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS: Chaplain Marsha Mann from Tennessee has been promoted to Master Chaplain. Chaplain Carmen Panaro from New York has been promoted to Senior Chaplain. Congratulations on a job well done. Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS Chaplain Scott Willis from Texas: Master Chaplain Scott Willis reported in to announce that he has been selected as the VA Chaplain at the Amarillo, Texas VA Hospital. Thanks to God and Chaplain Fellowship Ministries for believing in me and encouraging me. Thanks Chaplain Scott Willis. Congratulations brother Willis - Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS to Chaplain Skip Straus from Texas: Chaplain Skip Straus was invited to serve as Pastor of the Day in the Texas House of Representatives. As Pastor of the Day, Skip gave the invocation on February 5th at the beginning of the daily session of the Texas House of Representatives. Chaplain Straus, a former firefighter/paramedic from the Spring, Texas area, Skip is also the founded of the non-profit organization, Emergency Ministries, Inc. He is contracted to assist the Acadian CSI team in providing Critical Support Intervention to Texas employees. Congratulations Skip! This is a huge honor and we are all very proud of you. Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS to Chaplain Norman Dennis from the United Kingdom: Chaplain Norman Dennis has been promoted to the Commander of the United Kingdom. CMDR Dennis has been the chaplain for the American Embassy in kuwait the passs two years. Now that he is returning home to the United Kingdom he will hold the position of Commander of CFMI United Kingdom. We are looking forward to working with Commander Dennis as he goes about doing the work of the chaplaincy. From the leadership and staff of CFMI we congratulate Commander Dennis on his promotion.
Chaplain Dwight Menix from New Mexico reporting in: Greetings from New Mexico. During the months of November and December I have continued to minister to the young girl who had lost her stepfather last year in a horse accident. She has made great progress and has now acknowledged that believing in God is not anything to be ashamed of. I continue to pray for her and her family to accept God as their personal Savior. Next, I continue to work with and minister to the young mother of a two year old son who's father has left them and is in a bitter court custody case. She is still attending church and trusts that God will lead her in this dispute. Finally, as a school teacher in a small rural community, I have observed numerous children coming to school with worn out shoes and clothing; therefore, for the past two months I have been collecting donations from all the teachers in my school and members of my community to by these kids a pair of new shoes, belts, coats, etc. The look on these chilren's faces was priceless when they recieved their gift. Merry Christmas and May God Bless! Thank you for your report and all the hard work to do in the Lords' ministry. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain David Barbour reporting in from North Carolina: Greetings fellow members, just wanted to drop a ministry and praise report to everyone. I still serve as resident chaplain and christian counselor, and relief pastor at Freedom Chapel Church in Benson NC. This has been a tremendous blessing in not only helping others but also in keeping me seeking our heavenly Father for the answers that so many need in their journey in this life. Among my normal duties I've had the pleasure of starting a youth discipleship class ranging from 15 - 18 year olds. It has been amazing to watch our class grow over the past months in size and scope, and to see our youth hungry to know our Lord and Saviour. Their thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn is so refreshing. Keep us in your prayers as you are always in mine, may God richly bless all you do for the Kingdom of God and His Christ. Thank you for your report and all the hard work to do in the Lords' ministry. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Tom Newcomb reporting in from Ohio: I continue to serve at North east Community Church of the Nazarene in the rural area of Parkman, Ohio as community chaplain. Our church has been a church planting for seven years and as God has blessed we just incorporated as an official congregation and we are looking at renting a permanent space in an abandoned school building. My duties include supporting our pastor as an associate pastor, chairing ministry coordination of all teams, and providing chaplain services in intervention, counsel, visitation, referral and prayer support. Your prayers for our ministry are always appreciated, including for my wife Kathy who heads up women's ministry. Our NEC mission is simple: "learning to love God and love people." Blessings to all of you who serve at CFMI. Thank you for your report and all the hard work to do in the Lords' ministry. Chaplain Gibson
CMDR James Manning reporting in from Georgia: Isaiah 54:17 states, No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. As servants of our Lord we are confronted with so much worldly negativity from those who try to keep God's word and His work for mankind from moving forward but Isaiah 54:17 give us comforting encouragement. There is great effort in the forges and smithies of the enemy. They are hard at work to silent God's saints from moving forward with God's message and His work. Those who are consider His enemies are hard at work forging weapons of discontent and disharmony with this world. But God's tell us through Isaiah, their plains shall not prosper. There is another treat toward God's saints and that is the strife of tongues. Tongues are more terrible instruments that can be made with a hammer an anvil, and evil which they inflict cuts deeper and spreads wider. What will become of us now? Slander, falsehood, insinuation, ridicule-these are poisoned arrows; how can we meet them? The Lord God promised us that, if we cannot silence them, we shall, at least, escape from being ruined by them. They condemn us for the moment, but we shall condemn them at last and forever. The mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped, and their falsehoods shall be turned to the honor of those good men and women who suffered by them. Remember my brothers and sisters the say no weapons form against shall prosper. I pray that word will encourage us to continue to move for for up lifting of God Kingdom. Be bless my brother and sister Chaplains. Members in Georgia can contact CMDR Manning by email. manning@chaplain-ministries.org - Thank you for your report and all the hard work to do in the Lords' ministry. Chaplain Gibson.
Chaplain Walter Campbell from Georgia reporting in: Had a few setbacks for a couple of months but by the grace of God I am still very active in ministry. Ministering to those that are Hospice patients and the residents in nursing homes is always a blessing. I am constantly reminded that my troubles and struggles are minimal. What a blessing it is to just put a smile on some ones face. There is always joy in the continuous cycle of reintroduction. Even when I am down I am lifted up by those that I come in contact with. Next week I will be honoring those who have served our country and those who are serving at a nursing facility. Thank you for the information that was sent to me to assist me in planning the event. Thank you for your report and all the hard work to do in the Lords' ministry. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Dwight Menix reporting in from New Mexico: Greetings from New Mexico! During the past two months after working with many families that were greatly affected by this summer's forest fire, I was informed by my family doctor that my white blood count had dropped dangerously low. However, I have been working with a young single mother who was living with the father of their 2 year old son. One day he came home packed his bags and left her and his child for another woman. During this time they were getting child custody and support worked out by attorneys. This young mother was struggling to work full time pay bills while the father refused to help support their son. I finally got this young woman to start attending church with my wife and I. One Sunday while at church she asked me how I was so sure that someone didn't just write the bible and said that we had to believe everything is said. I explained to her how many people and how long it took to write the bible and that they all agree on the same message. Still this young woman continued to attend church with us; then one day we received a call that her son's father had taken their son and she could not find them and he would not return her phone calls. This continued for about two weeks. During this time my wife and I stayed by her side, prayed for her and with her. Finally we got a phone call from her informing us that she was getting her son back the next day. She told us that she finally turned her life over to God and gave him complete control over her situation and as soon as she did she received a phone call from the police that they had found her son and was bringing him home to her. This truly proves that God is in control of everything. God is good. Also, after all this I went in last month for another blood test and the results even surprised my doctors; my white blood count had risen from nearly nothing to in the middle of the normal blood count range. We give God all the praise and glory for these two miracles. Amen!!! Praise the Lord, thank you for your report and all the hard work to do in the Lords' ministry. Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS to CMDR Candido C. Vendrell from Puerto Rico: Chaplain Candido C. Vendrell has been appointed as the Commander for Puerto Rico. CMDR Vendrell has already had CFMI-Puerto Rico incorporated in Puerto Rico as a legal Ministry, meaning that Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International is recognized as a legal entity. CFMI-Puerto Rico will become a legal nonprofit public charity after the first of the year. We are very happy to have CMDR Vendrell working with us and are looking forward to great kingdom work being done for the glory of God's kingdom in Puerto Rico. Thank you for your time!
MEMO TO MEMBERS: Memo to all members who attended the conference. Thank you for your fellowship kindness and understanding. To all the speakers, we cannot thank you enough for the great job each of you did in presentation. We want to thank Steve and Bobby from the Humble House for providing the Van again this year to get everyone where they had to be. We want to thank Mary for her powerful testimony, she touched everyone's hearts, we are very proud of Mary and she will do a wonderful and blessed job with the women's rehab house. Congratulations to Chaplain James Manning from Georgia and Chaplain Terry Wildman from MO who were promoted to Commander of their respected states. Again thank you everyone Chaplain Gibson!
Chaplain Bob W. Rudichar from Wyoming reporting in: Events for September include: 114 ministry contacts; CISM/grief/trauma presentation to the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission in Casper, Wyoming under the auspices of the Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Institute, Laramie,Wyoming; conducted quarterly meetings/luncheons for our On-Call Chaplains, Associate Chaplains, and Abiders with an administrative presentation on CODE SILVER (active shooter program) as mandated by our hospital, CCMH; took the FEMA IS-00907 Active Shooter on-line course; concluded final phase of our 4-part LODD CISM training for our Healthcare Emergency Action Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) with a PASS (Post-Action Staff Support) demonstration. We have come to the conclusion after a massive effort to prepare ourselves for the possibility of an active shooter scenario that such an event would be very complicated and very unlikely to be covered by our in-house Team because of our potential exposure. More than likely, we believe it would be necessary to draw support for interventions from an outside source or sources. Am presently working with the Team & Training Coordinator for the Campbell County CISM Team to organize a 3-course/2-day CISM conference in Gillette during the month of March, 2013. Details to follow. Blessings to all! Respectfully submitted: Chaplain Bob W. Rudichar
MEMO TO MEMBERS: For a limit time most of the prices on chaplain patches pocket guides and clip on ID cards have been reduced, so items cut in half. You can find the links in the member's area or below. Bless everone! Training pocket guides: Chaplain's supplies catalog: Chaplain, Minister and Pastor custom clip ministry ID card:
Chaplain Bob Rudichar reporting in form Wyoming: What a privilege to serve the LORD, CFMI, a hospital, and a church! At the invitation of the Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Institute, gave a presentation at the Wyoming Medical Center, Casper, Wyoming, on the development and evolution of our Chaplain Services department at Campbell County Memorial Hospital. Presentation included development and implementation (d/i) of Chaplain Services, d/i of the Campbell County CISM Team, and the d/i of the Healthcare Emergency Action Response Team (HEART). Also discussed "How To" classes I've developed on starting volunteer chaplaincy programs and CISM teams in rural communities. Conducted 2 funerals. 115 ministry contacts for the month. Respectfully submitted, Chaplain Bob W. Rudichar Senior Chaplain. Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Skip Straus is a member of CFMI and the founder of Emergency Ministries. Skip has provided us with the following links, I hope you enjoy his videos. An interview Skip did with a Christian Radio station on the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Critical Incident Stress: Texting/Driving: Drinking/Driving: Thank you Chaplain Skip!
Chaplain Scott Ebright reporting in from Afghanistan: I became a chaplain through CFM about a year ago when I learned that I may be deploying to the middle east. I was already a Lay Pastor in the United Methodist Church taking all the training to be a UMC Licensed Local Pastor and planned to eventually seek ordainment as an Elder in the UMC. I did much of the pastoral care (aka Chaplain duties) for a mega-church in my area. Somewhere during the pastor licensing process, I felt a calling to go to the war-torn middle east and minister to the troops. The military was not desperate enough to take me back. (I am a former US Army Paratrooper with high marks and an honorable discharge.) At the time I was morbidly obese and in my late 40's. IOW, I was too old and too fat! After several months of praying to God to clarify this calling that I was feeling, a job opportunity presented itself as an answer to my prayers. I stumbled upon an opening (in my day-job field) that would take me right to where the troops are. I applied. My application zoomed right to the top of the list. I do not think I was any more qualified than the other candidates, so God must have had a hand in that. I found out that my deployment would force me to put my pastor licensing and ordainment plans on hold. That is when I applied to CFM. I am still old, but I am about 100 pounds lighter than when this all started. I have been deployed in Afghanistan now for over 4 months. My work calls for quite a bit of travel around Afghanistan and allows me to interact directly with dozens of different deployers each week. These folks are military, civil servants, and contractors. The vast majority are American and most of them are military members. There are even a few non-American folks to whom I get to minister from time-to-time. The story below is a true account of a night in Afghanistan. Please feel free to share this with the other Chaplains. The following is the story as told by Chaplain Ebright: I recently spent some time at a BO FOB...What is that?It stands for a Black-Out Forward Operating Base. These are bases that are so close to the enemy that they keep very strict light discipline. The idea is to not illuminate any tempting targets for the bad guys to shoot at. One of the cool side effects of this security practice is the relative silence. You see, most of these remote bases have generators running for power. Without the need for lights, most of the generators can be turned off. The silence also helps the guards hear any approaching enemy. Obviously, another side effect is nearly pitch-black darkness, all night. When there is no moon, it is an amazing darkness. These “side effects” reminded me of some camping trips in my youth… And, of field exercises I participated in when I was in the Army... And, even of the camping excursions when I was a Boy Scout leader. It was nice to relive such memories in such an inhospitable environment. But the thing that took my breath away was when I looked up into the sky. The silence and the darkness combined with the altitude (around 4000 feet), the clear un-polluted air, the clear sky, and the lack of a moon. The total picture was a sky filled with more stars than I have ever seen in one view. The vastness of God's universe is overwhelming. The beauty of the lights in His heavens is stunning beyond my words. The whole sight became humbling. I began to ask myself the questions we all ask sometime in our lives. How can I ever understand a God that knows each and every one of those stars by name? The same God that knows each hair on every head on Earth. How insignificant am I compared to that power; that intelligence??? And, How unworthy am I of this beautiful gift in the sky above me and the very life He breathed into me? The truth is... These are all questions to which I cannot TRULY understand the answers. I am unworthy, but He loves me, anyway. I am undeserving of that heavenly sight, but He put it before me, anyway. I do not need to know the answers, but He instilled the drive in me that compels me to ask, anyway. While I do not know the answers, I do understand the course of action that needs to be taken. I need to feed my drive for knowledge with His word. Along that journey, I need to try not to question His beautiful gifts, and just enjoy them. In the midst of a war-torn country, God gave us all a beautiful sight to raise our spirits. We just had to look up and realize how blessed we are. As I walked through the darkness pondering this, I found an old broken down office chair near the edge of the compound. The back of the chair was stuck in the reclined position. My work day had lasted about 30 hours and I could use a little sit-down time. I sat down, leaned back, stared into the lights above the darkness, and thanked God for allowing me to realize how blessed I was. With the enemy not much more than a football field away, I kept praying until I fell asleep in that chair. When I awoke, about 30 minutes later, I felt refreshed and immediately saw that beautiful sky again. I smiled, thanked God for the blessings, I continued my journey into the dark night. When I was a few steps away, I looked back and could barely see the chair. I wondered who else had used that chair as I had. How many people paused there to enjoy their blessings and thank God for those gifts? Then I realized that I was back to asking questions! I laughed a little at myself. It does not matter who or how many. God will guide each of us to the point where we relax into His plan for us and just enjoy His love. We all just need to pause to thank Him and He will provide a front row seat to the beauty of the universe. IHS, - Chaplain Scott Thank you for your report, and for sharing with us, Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Edward Brouwer reporting in from Canada: Greetings in Jesus name. Brother Gibson may we first say thank you for the wonderful documents you sent us regarding our Chaplaincy. We proudly shared them with our church last week. We are planning a unique ministry opportunity for our community (4,500 pop) this Fall and Winter. We are preparing a C.E.R.T. course not only for our church members but the community at large. It is our hope to equip the saints in a practical manner to be of help in the case of emergency situations. Our greatest threat is Wildland Urban Interface fires. Just this past week-end a community near us was evacuated (1500 people) due to a wildland fire. Although hundreds of homes were saved we did lose four houses. As I tried to explain in previous correspondence FEMA will allow us to take the courses at no charge but will not recognize the exam results. (These same courses in Canada would cost us thousands of dollars.) Several years ago I completed three courses on Emergency Response To Terrorism. At that time they would recognize Canadian students. Thank you for your patience with us as we pursue Disaster Response certification. Honored to be part of CFMI. I just completed a four part series on PTSD in the Fire Service (Silent Killer) for Canada's leading Fire Service magazine "Firefighting In Canada". It has received great reviews and may be used to address this issue before the Canadian Government. We are praying for the USA and the recent issues in the Middle East. Ed Brouwer Canwest Fire Services Eagles Nest Ministries. Thank you for your kind remarks and report. Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS to Chaplain Henry Curtis from New York: Lion of Judah Annual Award Banquet 2012. Honor to whom it's due. this is the second year in a row that a CFMI-NY chaplain is being recognized along with some excellent high profile area ministers who are often in the local news in a good way. Last year, our own Chaplain Larry Wolf was honored. This year I was selected. I am honored and grateful to accept this award on behalf of all of our dedicated chaplains who faithfully labor in the service of others for the glory given to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is OK according to Mark 4:21. “Some things in life are too important not to share. In the same way, a leader must ensure that his “good news” isn’t the world’s best kept secret. A wise leader will see the mission at the center of his efforts.”~ The Leadership Lessons of Jesus by Bob Briner. Thank you Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Gretchen Jacobs reporting in from Arizona: My licensure and ordination as a Chaplain allows me to have a private Christian Counseling practice in my community and I am also the Counselor for my church. I specialize in grief counseling and provide workshops in the area as well. Additionally, I volunteer at Odyssey Hospice which allows me the privilege of ministering to both those saved and not-yet-saved. I couldn't have my counseling ministry without CFMI. Thank you so much. Chaplain Gretchen Jacobs. Thank you Chaplain Jacobs for the work that you do, and the kind words to CFMI. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Dwight Menix reporting in from Nedw Mexico: This has been a very busy summer here in the mountains of Southeast New Mexico. As per my June update on the Field Report site, we had a massive wildfire that covered 50,000 acres and destroyed 274 homes. after the fire was contained and the cleanup began, my wife and I provided assistance to many friends and families who had lost their homes. Also, we would go and pray with these families for God's blessing for a full recovery and to rebuild their lives and homes. The recovery is still going on even into the month of September. However, many of these families that were deeply affected by the fire are slowly gaining some normal routines back into their lives. We continue to pray for and help these victims each and everyday. God Bless! Chaplain Dwight Menix, Capitan, New Mexico. Thank you for your report and service! Chaplain Gibson
MEMBER'S UPDATE: Effective September 1st 2012 all ID cards will be the 30 mill PVC "Plastic" cards with holograph seals of authenticity, and magnetic strip on the back like a driver's license. Member's information will be encoded in the magnetic strip. These are professional ID cards!  Furthermore new criminal background checks are run every year at membership renewal time. Thank you for your time! Chaplain Gibson       
Chaplain Larry Todd reporting in from Texas: I just spoke with one of our emergency response chaplains in New Orleans. He was calm, but noted they have had some serious calls. There are several roof top rescues from folks who were asked to evacuate, but did not. He indicated they have plenty of help and the Louisiana National Guard seems to be everywhere. He said he is not aware of any deaths or life threatening injuries. Texas is not anticipated to be effected by this storm. By that, the TV weather wags indicated some rain in deep East Texas. There have been no alerts from the Texas Emergency Management officials. This chaplain did request prayer (s) for the victims and for the first responders. Thank you Larry! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Mike Edwards reporting in from Texas: Greetings from Dallas, Texas to CFMI officers and members. I started out my Chaplain ministry as a volunteer Workplace Chaplain for a large manufacturing company for 10 years. Since retiring I became involved as a Chaplain for my grandsons Boy Scout Troop for the past 2 years. I also serve as a District Religious Emblems Coordinator for Circle 10 Council. This involves presenting the Religious Awards Program to Scout Troops sponsored by many different faiths teaching the P.R.A.Y. God and Country courses for the Protestant and Non-Denominations. The 12th point of the Scout Law is a Scout is Reverent. It is truely a blessing to be able to have a direct spiritual impact on the minds and lives of our youth. Many do not attend Church. I also serve as Chaplain for three Military associations and officiate weddings and Military funerals for Military personnel and their families. Many thanks for all of the training offered by CFMI. I am working on a couple now. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your report, Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS to Chaplain James Manning from Georgia: Chief Chaplain James Manning has completed the disaster response certification program. Disaster Response Chaplains are First Responders in their own right. There are no short cuts for Disastrer Response Chaplains, proper training means everything in times of disaster and crisis. Again Congratulations Brother Manning! Chaplain Gibson
MEMO TO ALL MEMBERS: Due to the shooting in Aurora Colorado we believe Disaster Response Chaplains must have the following training offered by FEMA- IS-907 - Active Shooter: What You Can Do: An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and other populated area. In most cases, active shooters use firearms and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims. Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. All employees can help prevent and prepare for potential active shooter situations. This course provides guidance to individuals, including managers and employees, so that they can prepare to respond to an active shooter situation. Thank you for your time! Chaplain Don Gibson
MEMO TO ALL MEMBERS: Chaplain Russell L. Farmer has been appointed as the Corporate Ministry Secretary. His duties will consist of those that are common to a Corporate Secretary. Chaplain Farmer will also be in charge of the affiliate sub ministry program, it mis his responsabality to make sure all affiliate ministries are in compliance with IRS rules and regulation, and CFMI rules and regulations regarding affiliate ministries.
Chaplain Bob W. Rudichar reporting in from Wyoming: Greetings!...to the wonderful folk at CFMI!!! Completed formal class training, shadowing, solos, final evaluations and endorsements for our 5 new Associate Chaplains at Campbell County Memorial Hospital. This brings the total number of people serving through the office of Chaplain Services to 46. The areas of service are : On-Call Chaplains (clergy-10); Associate Chaplains (laity-13); Abiders (community volunteers who serve with those at the end of life-17, includes 2 chaplains); and H.E.A.R.T. (Healthcare Emergency Action Response Team-9, includes 6 hospital employees, 2 volunteer chaplains, and myself serving the company CISM team). 76 ministry contacts. Taught Caregiver Grief and Dying, Intro to CISM in the Healthcare Setting, and Sudden, Unexpected Death Notification Protocol to new nurse hires and CNA classes with 16 in attendance. Began writing training scenarios for our H.E.A.R.T. monthly meetings. Focused on a strategic planning demonstration regarding a medical LODD for this month's training exercise. Developed orientation/training PPT for the Christian Motorcyclists Association, Chapter 888 Chaplains. This is a new service from a wonderful community entity that will provide special support to victims of motorcycle-related accidents. We had an hour class with 12 in attendance followed by orientation in the ER to meet staff and go over protocol. We were privileged to have the State Coordinator and local chapter President in attendance, as well. Respectfully submitted, Chaplain Bob W. Rudichar. Thank you very much for a great field report. Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS to Chaplain Christopher Brown from Utah: Chaplain Christopher Brown has completed the required training to be certified as a Master Chaplain. Congratulations brother! Chaplain Gibson
WARNING TO MEMBERS WHO HAVE HOME CHURCHES: Phoenix Pastor Jailed, Fined for Hosting Home Bible Studies! A Phoenix man was fined and punished with jail time for holding Bible studies in his home. He began his 60-day sentence Monday morning. Michael Salman, an ordained pastor and restaurant owner, has been ordered to pay more than $12,000 in fines and faces three years of probation for hosting weekly religious meetings on his property. Read the whole story at the following link - Phoenix Pastor Jailed

Chief Chaplain Terry Wildman reporting in from Missouri: There has been alot happening in missouri the last couple of months in the disaster ministry. I have been asked to attend several different communities disaster programs, and I have spoken at litchfield ill. We have put together a disaster meeting in scott city missouri and had Steve Pace from doomsday preppers televison show come to speak, along with Jim Watkins the certs leader from cape girardeau county. We had a great meeting and a great time, a lot of good information was presented. We have also started an emergency service chaplain organization. We will be coming along side of the search and rescue organizations in missouri and illinois. We have 5 different search and rescue teams on board with us so far,any chaplain in the state of missouri who are interested in joining contact the home office, they will contact us with your information. thanks and god bless you all. Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson
From the Home Office. Introducing CMDR James A. Manning from Georgia: CMDR James A. Manning CFMI Georgia Division: It gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as Chief Chaplain James A. Manning, Chaplain Fellowship Ministry Georgia district. I have been a member with this ministry for some time now and have accepted the position as Chief Chaplain for Georgia district, as of the last Chaplains 2011 conference, since moving back to Georgia from Florida. I have discovered that there are quite a few Chaplains from our ministry located here in Georgia. Hopefully with God’s direction in the very near further we can plan a Georgia District Chaplains meeting. I truly look forward to meeting each one you in a personal forum. How many of you are planning to attend the upcoming Chaplain’s Fellowship Conference in October 2012? I had the opportunity to attend last year’s conference and it was very informative and I also had the opportunity to meet Chaplains from all over the country which was a blessing. Let me give a little background about myself. I was called the preach the word of God in 1995 and have served God as an Assistant Pastor for 13 years, prison ministry 17 years, outreach ministry 12 years and Chaplain for one of the Federal Agencies for approximately 12 years and Chaplains Fellowship Ministry for some time now. That is enough about me; all of this could not have happened without directions and guidance from God, our creator. My brothers’ spiritual success can only occur when we truly follow God’s plan and direction for our life. I am excited to see God fearing dedicated men step up and take a stand for the uplifting of God’s Kingdom and the CMFI ministry.Yours sincerely, CMDR James A. Manning. (E-mail; james.manning@att.net or gerjam66pslel.net) CMDR James Manning has been with CFMI for many years, we are looking forward to the Georgia Division becoming a mighty work of the Lord. Thank you! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Dwight Menix reporting in from New Mexico: Greetings from New Mexico. June was a very busy/disastrous time for the people in the Capitan, Ruidoso New Mexico area. During the week of June 10th, we were having winds ranging from 40-50 MPH which cause a lightening strike fire in the mountains to spread rapidly; this fire lasted for nearly three weeks burning 270 plus homes and nearly 50,000 acres of forest. During this time, my wife and I took in friends, family members and pets who had to evacuate their homes, all the while our home was still in the path of the fire. For nearly two weeks we collected food, water and snacks and delivered these supplies to the firefighters, National Guard and state employees who were fighting the fire 24 hours a day. Also, my family took up a money collection and distributed the money to families who had already lost their homes to the fire so that they could buy the basics such as clothing, food and gas. The fire is now fully contained, but now this area is having Monsoon rains which has triggered flash floods. We are continually praying for and helping those families who have lost everything to the fire and floods. However, the one positive that has come from this devastating event is that by God's grace and mercy, not one life was lost to this massive forest fire. God is good! Thank you for your service and your field report. Bless you! Chaplain Gibson
CFMI MEMBERS GET AWAY: Get away from it all! If you are looking to get away for a week end or longer look into the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast in Brownwood Texas. Chaplain Don Morelock and his wife Debbie own the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast. Chaplain Morelock and his wife Debbie is offering CFMI members discounts on their stay at the Star of Texas during certain times of the year. to visit their web site and for contact information. If you decide to visit the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast let Chaplain Morelock know you are a member to receive your discount. Tina and I are looking forward to spending a week or more at the Star of Texas next year. This information is provided strictly for members who would enjoy spending some quality time away from all the hassles of daily life. We would like to thank Don & Debbie Morelock for their kind offer to CFMI members. From the leadership, Staff and all CFMI members, Thank you Don & Debbie, CH Gibson
Memo to all Members! Chaplain Sonny Fox now has a national Christian Radio program. General Info: "Recalculating Route with Dr Sonny" How God's Prompting System helps guide us to the road that leads to Christ M thru F, 7 pm to 8 pm PST. Everyone really needs to tune in, I have always enjoyed sonnys' broadcast. He has been on the Christian Car Guy's show in NC many times. If you have time? Tune in and give them a call when they are on the air. http://www.recalculatingroute.net Thank you Dr. Sonny for the work you do! CH Gibson
Chaplain James Manning reporting in from Georgia: I greet everyone in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My fellow Chaplains at this time I am working on setting up the Georgia division "CFMI Georgia". I had the opportunity to meet with Chaplain Henry Curtis in Buffalo NY, last month who is assisting me with setting up the Georgia Division. Chaplain Curtis was very helpful and informative. We will be meeting again sometime in August of this year. I would like to make contact with the CFMI members in Georgia and introduce myself. God bless and may the grace of God shine upon all of you all. Chaplain Manning has retired Home Land Security and accepted the position of CMDR of the state of Georgia. CH Manning has been with CFMI and will make a wonderful state CMDR. Any CFMI member's who would like to contact CMDR Manning may do so by email Note: I would like to thank brother Manning for his many years of faithful service as a member of CFMI. James was of one of our first members many years ago and never gave up on us. Bless you and your dear wife. CH Donald Gibson

Chaplain Ernest Kudron from Colorado reporting in: I have begun my training to be on the United Airlines Emergency Response / Special Assistance "GO TEAM". I will be certified on July 20 to respond to Aviation or Natural disasters affecting United. This is a natural outgrowth of my ministry to the employees of DIA and United that I have been involved in for the last 7 years as an Industrial Chaplain. Please Pray for the people all around our nation who are impacted by the Fires and Storms attacking our nation. Thanks. Your Brother in Christ, Ernest Kudron. Thank you for your report and service. Chaplain Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS to Chaplain John Evers from North Carolina: Chaplain Evers has completed the the courses of instruction in Victim Assistance Training, Identity Theft Victims Assistance. This training is wonderful when it comes to senior citizens and unwed mothers who have a lack of knowledge regarding both subjects. Chaplains who have this kind of knowledge can be a wonderful bless to those who have been taken advantage. Chaplaincy goes way beyond the understanding of most people and the church. Thank you for your time, Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Bob Bowen reporting in from New England: It has been awhile since I made a field report. I felt since Hurricane Irene hit New England how badly needed a Disaster Response is through CFMI.I highly recommend taking any training necessary to become certified. I am a firefighter in NH and had been ivolved in Vermont. Much needed to be done and alot of people helping had no training but still such a blessing. We need a call team in New England through CFMI. It is a vision I have. Things are ever changing here in New England. An encouragement to CFMI..whatever changes in training are coming..flow with them. The Lord will surely bring them to pass. Thank you for your report and service to the ministry. Chaplain Gibson
Memo to all members regarding Professional Liability Insurance for Pastoral Counseling: Chaplains and ministers who do pastoral counseling may want to consider getting professional liability insurance for pastoral counseling. CFMI does not offer this coverage as some other ministries. Reason being they charge twice what the insurance cost so they can make money off the policys as well as their membership cost. You can apply for coverage yourself and get good coverage and save a lot of money. We have posted the contact information of a company one of our members has recommended. He hasd been with them for some time and pleased with their service. We are providing this information by request from some of our members who feel they need liability insurance for pastoral counseling. to visit the member's area for more information, you will have to log into the member's secure area. Thank you for your time, Chaplain Gibson
Memo to all members from the home office: Please be sure to check the 2012 conference web page. It has been updated and a few mistakes have been corrected, there have also been a few changes regarding speakers. To visit conference page   Thank you for your time, Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain James Nolin reporting in from Florida: On June the 6th. 2012 ,,after serving over 30 years as a law enforcement officer myself before being called into the ministry, I know all to well the dangers both physical and spiritual that law enforcement officers face every day. I know that true officer survival is more than just a gun and bullet proof vest, it is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I feel God has called me to bring and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all those in law enforcement and their families. To carry out this calling, I started a ministry called Brotherhood of Christian Law Enforcement Officers we provide Free bibles to Law Enforcement Officers A Memorial bible to the family of any officer that is killed in the line of duty A 24 hour,7 days a week, on-line bible study for officers A web site where officers can pose a biblical question, share a praise report ,or make a prayer request. Encouragement, comfort and aid to Law Enforcement Officers or their families in times of crisis. Speaking engagements anywhere the perspectives and expertise of Christian Law Enforcement Officers could be of benefit. Within the first five months of 2012 the Lord has given me the opportunity and honor to have officiated 3 wedding ceremonies and two funerals for Law Enforcement Officers and their families. We have provided over 125 free bibles to officers which made a request through our web site at www.bcleo.org , Also within this first five months of 2012 we have had 42 officers killed in the line of duty or to die from a duty related injury and we have provided a memorial bible to every family of each fallen officers. We also provided a memorial bible to each of the fallen officers. Thank you for your report and service to the ministry. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Robert Bowen from New Hampshire reporting in: It has been awhile since I made a field report. A response trailor using a light weight sport utility trailor is being prepared here in Swanzey NH. It is exciting to hear of the progress going on with the Disaster Response certification and will be looking forward to news from the annual meeting in October. Just a word of encouragement to everyone, grab any training you can. Sooner or later, it will be used. Years ago in my high school years, I was terrible in math due to being a bore. I loved artistry. Both teachers got together and agreed to put me into drafting. I did well in that but why? Years later after getting involved in the fire services, I used it in reading blue prints at fire scenes. No training is insignificant. It is a gift. Take it for what it is. Thank you for your report and service to the ministry. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Diane Peterson from Alaska reporting in: I have been blessed to be a part of Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains Ministry . Serving our law enforcement and firefighters is very rewarding. I also had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Panama San Blas Islands. What an amazing experience of Gods love. I am honored to be asked to sit and pray with a dying elder. The spirit of God is everywhere. Gods love is universal and I am blessed to continue on the Spiritual path of Chaplaincy. Thank you CFMI for assisting us all in our ministries. Peace and Blessings Chaplain Diane Peterson. Thank you for your report and service to the ministry. Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Chris Rouse from Pennsylvania reporting in: I am continuing to serve as chaplain at the 6th District. I have expanded the ministry by participating in role calls and ride a longs with the last out squad from 10:30 PM to 2:00 AM. This is a unique since most "last out" sqauds throughout the city do not receive consistant attention from chaplains because of the late hours. I just thank God for opening the doors and giving me access to this squad. I am also working on restarting our home fellowship and will keep you posted. Please keep us in prayer -- we have been going through some terrible trials but we know His grace is sufficient! Blessings Chaplain Chris Rouse. Thank you for your report and service to the ministry. Chaplain Gibson
Memo to all members from the home office: Due to the every changing requirement for disater & emergency response chaplain's idenification we are working on going to magnetic stripe ID Cards for certified disaster and emergency response chaplains. These cards will have the chaplain's training and certification encoded on the magnetic stripe on their ID cards. Members who are certified diaster and emergency response chaplains are the only members that will be able to receive these cards. The qualifications to receive certification as a disaster or emergency response chaplains will be set by the leadereship of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries in October at the 2012 conference this year. These cards will not be ready for issue until after that meeting in October. Those who may be interest in receiving certification and one of these ID cards can start their training at the following training site This will not be the only training required, it will help get those interested started towards certification. Thank you! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Thelma Gonzales-Ortega from Texas reporting in: Dear Chaplain Donald Gibson I'd like to express my most sincere gratitude for the entire CFMI organization. Last October, I was able to attend the last day of the conference where I met you along with many of the other active chaplains. Since my ordination in Dec 2010 and after thorough studies of the material provided by Community Chaplains of America, I've gone out into the field providing moral and spiritual support to people in hospitals and those that mourn after a loss of a loved one. My heart goes out to those especially who mourn and feel comfortless. I've been there and understand the emotional pain when one is grieving. That is a time when people are more receptive to open their hearts and an excellent opportunity to witness the love and compassion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Some of the people that I visited while they were in the hospital later went to be with the Lord. Some recovered and are doing well! Praise the Lord! Brother Gibson, I am also employed by 2 agencies in home health care. There are 2 clients that I serve as their primary home care attendant (caregiver). One is an elderly gentleman who is 86 years Of age. The other is a disabled woman who is 49 years Of age. These 2 clients/patients count on me to assist them with their daily chores and with their physical needs as their are experiencing difficulty with mobility. Between the two, I work 45 hours a week. These patients do not drive and I take them to their Doctor visits and pick up their meds. Bro. Gibson, I see a lot of need where the elderly and disabled are concerned. There are many senior citizens that are shut in. Some of them have been abandoned by their own family members. Some don't want to inconvenience anyone and try to handle life as best as they able. Bro. Gibson, I'd like to thank you once again for your prayerful support. I am forever thankful for being a member of CFMI as a chaplain. I will stay in contact with you by this means or by phone. Sincerely, CH Thelma Gonzales-Ortega Thank you for your report and your service. Working with senior citizens and young people has always been my passion in ministry. My heart breaks for those who have been deserted or left alone to die in nursing homes. It seems like seniors and young people now days have a lot in common. They get dumped and left behind because no one wants to deal with them or the problems they have , it is heart breaking, very sad! Chaplain Gibson

MEMBER'S MEMO: Greeting everyone. Each year Chaplain Fellowship has been able to send handicapped and terminally Ill children to the circus. This year we were blessed to be able to send 25 children, their tickets include all the booths such as the face painting booth. This is made possible through donations made by our members and member partners. This is just one of the activities Chaplain Fellowship support every year. We keeps this private except for sharing with our members. Next year we are going to work on sending a 100 children to the circus. Thank you for your kind support that makes these activities possible each year. Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Walter Campbell from Georgia reporting in: Still in service to God and to country. This month God has opened a new door for me to serve weekly on a military installation sharing the gospel to members of the armed forces. It has been very rewarding to me to be able to see so many servicemen and women accept the gift that has been offered to them by the grace of God. I pray to be in a position that I will able attend this years conference in Texas.
GTG. Chaplain Walter Campbell. Thank you for your report and service to the ministry. Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Edward R Untalan reporting in from California: I just wanted to share that God opens the door of opportunity, it's His timing not ours and He will definitely provide divine appointments. I was appointed in Nov 2011, and was struggling with not being able to enter in facilities to minister and share the gospel. I was able to connect with another chaplain in the prison and juvenile ministry in our early morning prayer, and that was the connection God had set in place. I was recently cleared to become a chaplain with the San Mateo County Juvenile facility in California. In-conjuction with that, God is working in a mighty way and we are putting together another chaplain team for the Juvenile facility and working on launching a Elderly and Senior Care Ministry with our church. I wanted to encourage all, the bible tells us to continue to "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and not lean to our own understanding" Prov 3:5. The Lord knows His servants heart and will make a way. Thank you for allowing me to share. God Bless Chaplain Edward R Untalan , Thank you for your service and report! Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Leigh Anne Lowden from PA reporting in: Chaplain Gibson & the staff at CFMI, I have been so blessed by becoming a part of this blessed group of chaplains. I minister to our aging friends and the many resources offered through CFMI have been so valuable to my ministry. I am honored and humbled by God's grace. Encouraging and sharing the love of Jesus with assisted living residents, alzheimer patients and hospice patients is where God has called me to serve. I gain my strength from His overflowing abundance of grace. Thank you Chaplain Gibson! Senior Chaplain Leigh Anne Lowden. Thank you for your report and your service in the Lords' ministry. Chaplian Gibson
MEMBER'S MEMO: Chaplain Michael Merriweather will be working with troubled youth in the juvenile system in California. Chaplain Michael Merriweather is a Former NFL All Pro Linebacker. Mike sent in a few autographed photo we want to share with our members. Mike was a third round draft choice by the Steelers in 1982. He got into nine games in his rookie year, then earned the starting job in 1983. He had three interceptions that year, and scored the first touchdown of his career. Mike made his first All-Pro team in 1984, when he recorded a career high 15 sacks. He returned to the All-Pro team the following year when he recorded four sacks and took an interception 35 yards for a touchdown. Mike made his final All-Pro team in 1986, when he had six sacks and two interceptions. He ended up with the Minnesota Vikings in 1989. In 1990, he recorded the only safety of his career, and scored a touchdown off of an interception. He matched his career high of three interceptions the following year, and took one for a career long 73 yards. He also took a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Mike then scored the last touchdown of his career in 1991, when he took his only interception for 22 yards. Mike played with the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers in 1993, he retired after that season. Great Steelers linebackers like John Reger, Levon Kirkland, and Chad Brown deserve mention, but I chose Mike Merriweather for his 31 sacks, 11 interceptions, and two touchdowns in his six seasons with Pittsburgh. to see photo 1. to see photo 2. Thank you Chaplain Merriweather for the Photos, Chaplain Gibson

Education Department Update and Ministry Appointment:  Dr. Dorothy King has been appointed as the Vice President of degree programs for Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International inc. Dr. King is the Founder and Chancellor of Bethel Bible College and Seminary, Central Christian University of Jonesboro and President of St Johns Theological Center Canada. Dr. King is a Commissioner of Transworld Accrediting Commission Reviewing Board of Commissioners and Directors. We believe this will be a very blessed relationship formed between Chaplain Fellowship Ministries and Bethel Bible College and Seminary for the benefit of our members and the ministry. Dr. Dorothy King and her husband Dr. Savoil King were two of the first members of CFMI many years ago. You can visit Bethel Bible College and Seminary's web site Thank you for your time! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Victor Brown reporting in from Louisiana: Chaplain Gibson, Just a note to say thank you again for your allowing me to serve as a chaplain. Since 2003, the Chaplaincy Ministry has afforded me some good opportunities. I have ministered in doing weddings, funerals, graveside services, family hours, communions, prayer meetings and lots of teaching assignments. Recently, I was asked to serve as Dean of Training for a new School of Ministry here in the Shreveport area. Serving at the funeral home has also been an experience and a blessing. Thanks so much and God bless you and family. Chaplain Victor Brown
Shreveport, LA. Thank you for your report Chaplain Brown. Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Terry Wildman reporting in from Missouri: Disaster in the heartland. As you all may know tornados have been hitting the Midwest hard,we need to all pray for these people that have been hit and lost loved ones and some every material thing they own,also pray for the volunteers,first responders,and chaplains. I have been asked to deploy to Harrisburg Illinois on Friday morning and stay until Tuesday. I have been in the small towns in Missouri that have gotten hit this past week,also the town of salyersville KY has been hit hard and they are not getting the help that the bigger areas such as Harrisburg are getting so they are needing volunteers too. I will be sending in a full report next week sometime after I get back. I can't emphasize enough how important it is for chaplains to get the disaster response training. Chief Chaplain Terry Wildman. Thank you brother for your service and the update! Chaplain Gibson

DISASTER RESPONSE: Please be very careful, Chaplain Terry Wildman has been in the field since day one. He went out in a area that was hard to reach to warn other responders that another tornado was spotted in the area when a tornado came out of nowhere. He made it to a shelter just in time! Everyone responding please be careful and keep your eyes open at all times, always expect the unexpected when working in tornado stricken areas. We want to thank Chaplain Wildman for keeping us updated. Chaplain Gibson
MEMBER'S MINISTRY UPDATE: Greetings everyone, It has come to our attention that some of our members have had trouble find the ministry Items we offer that are necessary in the performance of their duties as chaplains and ministers. Some of these item are but not limited to, badges, patches, dash cards, pocket guides and training courses. We have updated the member's area with Catalogs complete with order form and credit card authorization form that can be downloaded for the following items. Training pocket guides "New- Just added" & Training course. Member's ministry supplies, Member's clip on card, Member's document and ID card replacement order form. We will be adding the bible course catalog this week. We have also posted a picture of the official CFM-Uniform, the links below will take you to the members area where all the links are listed. Bless everyone as you go about doing the Lords' work! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Dan Cotto reporting in from Las Vegas: I would like to share my blessings this New Year with my fellow chaplains. In March I'll incorporated Cotto Orphanage & Humanitarian Rescue Mission in Las Vegas, Nevada with Gods' blessings. If Gods willing by end this year I'll be done with my full time employment that has taken most of my life. I'll be free by the end of Nov. 2012, to started my Rescue Mission in USA following; In India this August, November in the Philippine's and, December in Africa. I'll keep you up dated. Thank You for always being there for my Rescue mission ! God Bless You ! Chaplain Dan F. Cotto Sr. Thank you for your report! Chaplain Gibson
Chaplain Louise Wimbish Jennings from Virginia: I'm not quite as active in ministry as my husband has lung cancer and there are days that I can't leave him alone. I'm still Chaplain for the women in Rockingham Harrisonburg Regional Jail and am on call at Middle River Regional Jail, but have someone else doing the Bible Study there that I was doing. We have just added some more members to our Board of Directors and are doing a little reorganizing to take some of the responsibility off of me at this time. It is wonderful how the volunteers have stepped up and helped. I received the Harry Denman Evangelistic Award at the Virginia Annual Conference United Methodist Church in June. It was quite a surprise. There were over 3,000 people in the auditorium when it was presented to me. It was awesome. Spreading God's love is what it's all about. Pray this new year will be a great year for you and Tina and Chaplains Fellowship. Chaplain Jennings is an elder of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries with ten years as a member. Chaplain Jennings is a wonderful blessing to all those she touches. Chaplain Jennings has help countless inmates over the years start new lives when they come out of prison, and helped them stay out of prison. Please keep Louise and her husband Shel in your prayers. Thank you! Chaplain Gibson

CONGRATULATIONS: Posted by requested of CH Bruce Francis in Oklahoma. Congratulation to Jennifer Tevis on the birth of her son Dominic Jett Tevis, 5lb, 13oz who arrived on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. Jennifer is one of the founding members of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries of Oklahoma. God Bless Chaplain Bruce Francis
CONGRATULATIONS: Chaplain Dave Fair of Brownwood was recently nominated by local officials to receive the Citizen Service Before Self Honor, a national honor for America’s “unsung heroes.” Every day in this country, ordinary Americans become extraordinary. It can happen in an instance of bravery or through a lifetime of placing others before themselves. These acts of courage and selflessness would inspire us all, if only we knew about them. Now, the time has come to stand up and celebrate, in our cities and in our towns, the selfless heroism that symbolizes the American spirit. Chaplain Dave Fair is a former Board Member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, where he served as Chair of the Education Committee. He is a Senior Chaplain for the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Brown County (TX) Sheriff's Department where is also serves as a reserve deputy. He is Chaplain Emeritus of the Brownwood (TX) Police Department. Fair is a member of the Board of Scientific and Professional Advisors of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. He has written numerous articles on Chaplaincy and Traumatic Stress. He has had touching articles published by Officer.com and quoted in our local newspaper too many times to mention. Chaplain Fair is President of the American Association of Police Officers, Chaplain Fair is a a licensed peace officer who holds a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology from Bethel Bible College and Seminary and a doctorate in Clinical Christian Counseling from Central Christian University. Dr. Fair is a member of the Curriculum Committee of the American Board of Certification in Homeland Security, as well as a member of the Commission on Forensic Education. Fair serves as Chaplain Coordinator for the Texas State Guard, has been assigned to the 111 EN BN, the JIATF-T, and has been deployed to over a half dozen hurricanes. Also first responder Dave Fair went to Ground Zero days after the attacks to support the recovery effort. Dave has served his city over 24 years as a longtime Brownwood city councilman. He serves as a part of the local AT Planning Team. Fair also serves at the volunteer team leader for our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for Brown County. Local representatives, Dave Fair and Sheila Evans, along with Brownwood area schools spearheaded a fundraiser for The Hope for Haiti Medical Mission Team. Chaplain Fair has been a member of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries for over ten years and hold the position of Commander of Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. Congratulations brother! CH Gibson!
Chaplain Steve Timmons from New Mexico: First and foremost, let me tell you that my wife and I lifted special prayers this morning for you and all of our CFMI brothers and sisters. May our Father richly bless our work on His behalf in this new year! My wife (a very precious woman and blessing in my life) wants to join me in my chaplain ministry. While my crisis-focused work will of course continue, she and I are also feeling led to bring a ministry of presence and counseling to couples. I will ask for your prayers as we move in that direction. We spent this morning going through the CFMI website together, and she would like to make application to be a Basic Chaplain. We will get her application together and off to you in the mail, and she's excited to take this new direction in her service to her Lord Jesus. I just wanted to give you a heads up that as a Master Chaplain...not as a husband...I could not give a person a higher recommendation toward the ministry. She brings a servant's heart and passion for her Lord to this world each and every day. She will make a wonderful Chaplain. Thank you brother, CH Gibson

Chaplain Ken Tamplin reporting in from California: Just wanted to give you a praise report about a few things going on in the ministry. We (our family) worked very hard recruiting about 80 unsaved kids from the costa mesa newport beach area to get involved in the "Young Life Program." Our 501c3 sponsored about 30 of those kids to also attend the young life camp. Over 25 of them came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (several of these kids were staunch atheists and many angry at God). They are now attending various youthgroups in the area and are very active in the Young Life ministry. God Is GOOD! (it's now about follow up). We are also continuing to support our orphanage in Africa which has been a blessing. Our kids have decided to become sr. leaders within both Young Life and now College Life and have developed a program out here in this past 6 months that has gone from 5 attending kids in each group to over 30 kids in each group. We plan on trying to get to Europe's Young Life groups this summer to get involved with Young Life International as well. I will forward you a recent e-mail from a boarding school in Africa we support as well. IHS Chaplain Ken Tamplin. Thank you for your report! CH Gibson

CONGRATULATIONS: Chaplain Mindy Vacek of Texas id the president and founder of Dream Builder Ministries. Dream Builder Ministries has become an official affiliate subordinate ministry of Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc. One of Dream Builder's main missions is to provide affordable, quality housing for the homeless, displaced, disabled and/or low income residents of the community. Chaplain Vacek and Dream Builder Ministries will be working with the US Government housing and Unban development programs. Dream Boulder's goals for 2012 is to build at least 15 homes to accommodate people in crisis. We are happy to have Chaplain Vacek and Dream Builder Ministries as an affiliate ministry in the mission field working hard to make a difference for those in crisis. We pray the Lord will bless them in mighty ways. CH Gibson

Chaplain Walter Campbell reporting in from Georgia: 2011 was a year of many blessings. Even with health issues I am still able to serve. Still primarily serving in nursing homes I have been called to perform many duties as chaplain in the facilities. Serving as a resident chaplain in 4 nursing homes, working with hospice and a domestic violence and rape crisis center. I was interviewed and approved to serve as a motor sports chaplain serving organizations like NASCAR, INDY and many other motor sports arena's. I thank God for opening the doors that I might be in His service. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, CH Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS:  To the following members. The following Chaplain are the first to be certified in the new disaster Response Certification program. 1. Chaplain Henry Curtis - New York 2. Chaplain Terry Wildman - Missouri 3. Chaplain James Moore - Texas 4. Chaplain Robert Schmidt - California 5. Chaplain William Rigg - South Carolina. 6. Chaplain Danny Battle - California. The purpose of this training and certification is to prepair chaplains to assist their own communities in time of crisis or diaster. Every day volunteers respond to numerous disasters or emergencies in their communities. Most often, these incidents are managed effectively at the local level. However, there are some incidents that may require a collaborative approach that includes personnel from: 1. Multiple jurisdictions, 2. A combination of specialties or disciplines, 3. Several levels of government, 4. Non-governmental organizations, and 5. The private sector. This certification is only offered to CFMI members in good standing. If you are a member who are interested in this certification for full details. . All requirements must be meet before certification will be issued. Congratulations to the chaplains who have completed all the courses and became certified in Disaster Response. Great job! Thank you CH Gibson
Chaplain Terry Wildman report in from Missouri: the disaster program is moving forward. in the past week i have had meetings with the red cross and c.e.r.t. also have meeting scheduled with local fire dept. and emergency managers. planning on having chaplains conference in june to introduce people to the many different programs available for chaplains it will be a one day event,in the past few months i personally have been hit very hard with sickness,death of my sister,stroke with a fellow chaplain and car accidents of a friend and a stranger that her husband passed away in front of a friends son that he had come to me with questions. I want to tell you how important the classes offered thru chaplain fellowship ministries are that I have taken, they have helped me tremendously with dealing with these situations. I want to thank Chappy,Tina and the cfmi staff for offering these greatly appreciated and much informative courses. I encourage all chaplains to partake in these classes they will be of great help to you in your ministries. Remember it is not about the talk but about the walk, have a great day! chief chaplain terry wildman. Thank you for your hard work and dedication - CH Gibson
NOTICE TO CFMI MEMBERS - Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) training: The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community. to get involved and get your free CERT's training! Thank you CH Gibson
NOTICE TO CFMI MEMBERS - WEDDING MANUAL: This manual is in word format and includes 19 wedding ceremonies that can be customized as needed. It also includes a reservation form and wedding policy. Members can download this manual in the member's protected area. If you have misplaced your password contact the home office with your name and ID Card number. The password will be sent to you by e-mail. To contact the home office. Thank you CH Gibson
NOTICE TO CFMI MEMBERS - SUICIDE PREVENTION MANUAL: This manual was a labor of love, determination, dedication and commitment by several members of the San Jose Fire Department in California. Sadly enough, it was written after several years of sadness and grief experienced by the families, extended families and the fire family of San Jose Fire Department Firefighters. This manual is in memory of several beloved San Jose Firefighters. We miss them each and every day. The authors hope to provide a resource for firefighters should they find themselves, their coworkers, their families or someone they know in need. Their hope is to open our eyes to a word that is seldom spoken and difficult to talk about, but one that touches the hearts and minds of the survivors of suicide forever. Download the Suicide Prevention Manual. Members can download this manual in the member's protected area. If you have misplaced your password contact the home office with your name and ID Card number. The password will be sent to you by e-mail. To contact the home office. Thank you CH Gibson
Chaplain James Manning from Georgia reporting in: Chaplain Manning is in the process of getting the Georgia Chapter up and running. Hopefully and prayerfully Georgia Chapter will function within the next ninety days or less. I need all of your prayers. I maybe contacting some of you for some assistance. Chaplain Manning was appointed as the Commander for the state of Georgia at the 2011 conference. Bless you Commander Manning, CH Gibson
Department of Homeland Security: We have several members who are working in ministry to help cut down on human trafficking. Human trafficking is a hidden crime, and the first step to combating it is identifying victims so they can be rescued and their perpetrators brought to justice. To help raise awareness about the issue and indicators of human trafficking, the DHS Blue Campaign has collaborated with a number of stake holder groups to conduct outreach and develop training materials available at http://www.dhs.gov/files/programs/human-trafficking-awareness-training.shtm. More information can be found at the following Homeland Security web site. http://www.dhs.gov/files/programs/humantrafficking.shtm This training is good for chaplains, you will learn a lot about human trafficking which is a lot bigger problem than most would admit. The training is free folks so why not take advantage of it. Good chaplains work in many different areas. Human trafficking is destroying countless young people and their families. Get involved and help make a difference. Thank you CH Gibson
CONGRATULATIONS Master Chaplain Scott Willis: Master Chaplain Scott Willis has been commissioned as a Major in the Texas State Guard. We now have 4 members in the Texas State Guard. (LTC) David Fair: TXSG, NGTX, HHSC, 111 EN BN , (LTC) Larry Todd, TXSG Army Component, (COL) Thomas Mohler TXSG Air Force Component and (MAJ) Scott Willis , TXSG Army Component. We had several of our military Chaplains resign their commission in 2011, we now have 4remaining military Chaplains. (CPT) Carl Hagwood VaARNG Virgina National Guard Chaplain, (CPT) Franklin Caldwell Army Active Duty Battalion Chaplain 1192nd DDSB, (LTJG) Allan Bushnell III active duty Chaplain and (1LT) Nathan Graeser Army National Guard 144th Field Artillery. As many of you know CFMI stopped endorsing Military Chaplains about a year ago. We have started recruiting again depending on the need for Chaplains in the military. We will continue our relationship as partners with friends at Chaplaincy Full Gospel Churches for our member's endorsements for our military and VA chaplains. Our Texas State Guard Chaplains will continue to be endorse under CFMI. Thank you CH Gibson

Citizen Corps Partners and Affiliates: An End of Year Thank You for Serving Your Communities. In 2011, America logged the highest number of major disaster declarations since the inception of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reporting in the 1950s. Events this year included Hurricane Irene which impacted 14 states, fires in the Southwest, the earthquake on the East Coast, flooding in North Dakota, and the devastating tornadoes that hit the Midwest and South. Americans in nearly every state and territory were affected by some type of disaster, and many are still in the recovery process. That is why we here at FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for serving your communities and building resiliency in them to these disasters and the ones yet to come. Without your tireless work, much of which is voluntary, disaster survivors wouldn’t be as equipped to recover. Our neighbors might not be as informed and prepared. And we as a nation certainly wouldn’t be as ready to respond to whatever comes our way. I applaud you for your amazing work and I encourage you to continue to help each other. Help your friends and neighbors “Resolve to be Ready” in 2012.” Visit www.ready.gov resolve for more information designed to encourage citizens to make disaster preparedness a New Year’s resolution. Spread the word to local businesses, schools, faith-based, and other community organizations. And by all means, please lean on us for support. Visit www.citizencorps.gov for a variety of resources geared toward supporting and coordinating volunteer activities. If there is something you need but don’t see it, please let us know and we will locate it for you. We are here to serve you, just as you serve your communities. Thank you again for your dedication to a prepared and resilient country. We wish you a safe and healthy 2012! Paulette Aniskoff, Director, Individual and Community Preparedness, The National Office of Citizen Corps, FEMA Individual and Communtiy Preparedness Division. Thank you CH Gibson
Master Chaplain Lindsie "Roc" Whitted reporting from Philadelphia, Pa: . Overview of activities. Philadelphia Police Department Chaplain assigned to the 12th Police District. Attending and addressing 48 different roll calls during the hours of 10:00p to 12:00 am shifts. Participate in monthly district chaplain's meeting and advisor board activities throughout the year. Conducted at roo calls various subjects such as Managing Stress on and off duty, Holiday grief, Suicide Intervention, PTSD, Depression, and Compassion Fatigue. Available at 12th Police District for prayer and individual consultation. Spiritual Care Chaplain for the American Red Cross of the Southeastern PA Chapter. Response to Fires and other disaster as requested. Participate in on going redness training such as CPR/AED/First AID, Foundation of Disaster for mental health, psychological first Aid.Contact Crisis/Suicide help line- Perform volunteer service on phone lines for crisis/suicide at about (18) hours a month. Honor for 21 years of volunteer services on line. Participate in, in service training. Crisis Intervention Team Instructor-Trained (480) Police officers,correction officers and other police departments in De-Escalation techniques, the art of active listening, suicide awareness and intervention and PTSD. Currently part of sub-committee of the Philadelphia Task force that meets monthly to discuss training/policies for Police Officers interaction with returning veterans with possible PTSD. Attending the following training: Applied suicide Intervention skill training Feb. 9-10. AACC Leadership Coaching Light University March 25-30. Building Law Enforcement Capacity to serve Immigrant victims Feb.24. CMI Education Institute Suicide and self mutilation May 15 coping with grief June 10. AACC Financial coaching (Light University) Sept. 15-20. This concludes my activitie report for the year 2011 from January to December. Respectfully submitted. In His service. Master chaplain Lindsie "Roc' Whitted. Thank you for your hard work and dedication - Ch Gibson

Chaplain J.D. Nolin from Florida reporting in: After serving over 30 years as a law enforcement officer myself before being called into the ministry, I know all to well the dangers both physical and spiritual that law enforcement officers face every day. I know that true officer survival is more than just a gun and bullet proof vest, it is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I feel God has called me to bring and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all those in law enforcement and their families. To carry out this calling we provide Free bibles to Law Enforcement Officers A Memorial bible to the family of any officer that is killed in the line of duty. A 24 hour,7 days a week, on-line bible study for officers. A web site where officers can pose a biblical question, share a praise report ,or make a prayer request. Encouragement, comfort and aid to Law Enforcement Officers or their families in times of crisis. Speaking engagements anywhere the perspectives and expertise of Christian Law Enforcement Officers could be of benefit. This year we have provided over 400 free bibles to officers which made a request through our web site at www.bcleo.org. Also this year we have had 158 officers killed in the line of duty or to die from a duty related injury and we have provided a memorial bible to every family of each fallen officers. We also provided a memorial bible to each of the fallen officer’s agency chief administer ie: Chief , Sheriff, or Superintendent. We have had many officers take the opportunity to use our on-line bible study. We have also had numerous prayer requests, and praise reports. I also had hospital visitation with several local officers and their family members, within these visitations, I had the honor of leading many officers through the plan of salvation, many of these officers excepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior !! This year, I have had the opportunity to speak at five churches and to share what great things God is doing within the law enforcement community. I also had the honor of officiating four weddings for Christian law enforcement officers. I want to say thank all my brothers and sisters in Chaplain Fellowship Ministries for everything you do, for all you have done and for all I know you will do in his service. May God Bless you all, and kept you safe. Chaplain J.D.Nolin. Thank you for your hard work and dedication - CH Gibson.
Chaplain Mike Bowen reporting in from Maryland: I became a Fire Department Chaplain. I have been doing a lot of training including CISM Training and Basic Chaplaincy with the Federation of Fire Chaplains. In addition, I was recently sworn in as the Assistant Chaplain for the Southern Maryland Volunteer Firemen's Association covering Calvert County and assisting with St. Mary's and Charles Counties. I have also been added as the secondary Chaplain for the Maryland State L.A.S.T. Team.(Local Assistance State Team) serving all of the State of Maryland in the event of a LODD. I can't thank you and CFMI enough for helping me move forward as I have. God has blessed me in ways I will never be able to thank him enough for. As I continue my work, I will be taking more training to take me to the highest level that God will allow me to go to. I will keep you up to date as things go.May God Bless you and keep you in His care and may you and your family, friends and other members of the CFMI have a Blessed Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Chaplain Mike Bowen Prince Frederick VFD. Thank you for your hard work and dedication - CH Gibson

Firefighter and Police theme songs: Hello, my name is George Dare and I am the creator of both the Firefighter and Police theme songs. These songs are already used by many Firefighter and Police Associations, at Graduations, Award Banquets, Retirement Parties and Last Call/Fallen Officer services. All I am hoping to do is share the song with Chaplains who might not be aware of this and might like to consider using them at funerals. They can be listened to and also downloaded for free at Fire Fighter Theme Song and the Police Theme Song. Please feel free to share the link to these songs with your fellow Chaplains. We hope you enjoy both these Songs! CH Gibson

CONGRATULATIONS: Chaplain Dave Fair has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel peer directive and orders of the Commanding General Texas State Guard. A formal ceremony was held at Camp Mabry. He was also cited for taking over the chaplaincy as Coordinating Chaplain in light of the State Chaplain's retirement. CH Gibson

To all CFMI supporters and partners - Thank you!: Chaplain Fellowship has a program that makes sure each year a poor child has a very Merry Christmas. This year due to the economy we have decided to use these funds to help feed poor families who will not have food during Christmas. Thanks to our members who are loyal ministry supporters and by the Grace of our Lord we will be able to help around 16 families this Christmas. We look forward to the day which will come when we will be able to feed hundreds of families every Christmas. We know the Lord will bless everyone who helps make this possible. bless everyone! CH Gibson and the CFMI Staff

Chaplain Ken Tamplin Director of music ministry and Chaplain Joshua Hallas from California: If you have not seen Chaplain Ken Tamplin's testimony page yet please check it out. You can also see one of his music videos . Also check out Chaplain Joshua Hallas Chaplain Joshua Hallas may be appearing on America has talent in the near future, we will let everyone know as soon as the date is set. These chaplains are wonderful men who are on fire for the Lord, they are our first two music Chaplains. Thank you, CH Gibson

FROM THE STAFF OF CHAPLAIN FELLOWSHIP MINISTRIES: Bruce, Don, Tina, Shannon, Todd, Andrew "The Future Pres" Tracy and Shawn. From all our families to all of your have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. As we pause to thank Him for the blessings He has bestowed upon us, we must also give Him thanks for the lessons we have learned through the difficult times He has brought us through. Please remember to keep our troops and their families in prayers. Bless you, and thank you CH Gibson.

Chaplain Ed Untalan reporting in from California: Just got back from from Hungary and Slovakia, mission trip ministering to the Gypsy camps and several churches in the region. God is really doing an amazing work and testimony upon testimony of salvation, healing , and sharing prophetic word. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Lord in this compacity. Thank you for report! CH Gibson
CFMI MEMBERS GET AWAY: Get away from it all! If you are looking to get away for a week end or longer look into the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast in Brownwood Texas. Chaplain Don Morelock and his wife Debbie own the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast. Chaplain Morelock and his wife Debbie is offering CFMI members discounts on their stay at the Star of Texas during certain times of the year. to visit their web site and for contact information. If you decide to visit the Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast let Chaplain Morelock know you are a member and give him your ID number as verification to receive your discount. Tina and I are looking forward to spending a week or more at the Star of Texas next year. This information is provided strictly for members who would enjoy spending some quality time away from all the hassles of daily life. We would like to thank Don & Debbie Morelock for their kind offer to CFMI members. From the leadership, Staff and all CFMI members, Thank you Don & Debbie, CH Gibson
Chaplain Skip Straus from Texas: Texas EMS Conference (Nov 20th-23rd) attendees! Dr. Steve Arze and Chaplain Skip Straus of Emergency Ministries will be co-lecturing in Austin at the Texas EMS Conference on Tuesday, November 22 at 8:45am. Their topic is called "The ABCs of DRT" and addresses a tough situation - how to speak with a family member on scene of an obvious death or upon termination of resuscitation efforts. Chaplain Straus was honored on the floor of the Texas State House of Representatives for his service at Ground Zero. He is an author and public speaker. This is going to be a very good conference Thank you CH Gibson
Chaplain Dwight Menix reporting in from New Mexico: My apology for not checking in since the first of September; time just seems to fly by too fast these days. I am still working on my Daily Devotionals to start sharing with friends, family, and members of the community; moreover, trying to find the time to teach school, grade papers, write my devotionals, and work with members of the community is getting more and more challenging. However, I do set aside the time to sit and minister to one of my former 4th grade students from last year. This 10 year old girl's step-father was tragically killed in a horse accident at their home in early September. With his passing he left a wife, a 10 year old step-daughter, and a 2 year old son. After talking to this young girl, she stated that she does not believe in God and the reason is that people make fun of you if you do; also, she is mad that her step-father was taken from her and her family. For the past two months I have been ministering to this young girl and planting the seed of salvation in her heart. With God's Grace and Mercy I will reach this young girl and lead her to accept Christ as her Savior. Please pray for her. Thank you CH Gibson
PLEASE TAKE THE TIME: Today please take the time to remember those in the armed forces, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMS Emergency services serving in harms way here at home and world wide. Keep them and their families in your prayers. We give thanks to all members of our Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and EMS Emergency services,active duty military, Reserves and National Guard. We thank all our warriors for protecting our rights to enjoy our freedom. Please keep all our troops and First responders in your daily prayers. Thank you CH Gibson

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