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This page has been put here to help EVERYONE to become ordained and find books and training at a cost that anyone can afford, also everyone can study in their own homes at their own pace. We understand that many cannot afford to take special training or able to take time off their jobs or time out off their lives to go back to school or college. If you are like me I do not retain what I read if I am hurried or feel under preasure.


Need a second income or need to supliment your present income: Start a wedding and funeral ministry. You will find the training manuals you need on this page. Minister are making very good livings performing wedding and funerals.


Everything you find here can help you in your out reach ministry or chaplaincy program regarding furthering your knowledge in ministry. Chaplain's and Minister's work in many different areas of ministry, there is a wealth of information, supplies and training that can be found on this page. There is a lot of information here so it would be in your best interest to take your time and look at all that is offered.


You will find subjects here such as: Illness is a spiritual, emotional, and physical crisis, Resources for ministering as a chaplain and minister on the college campus, in the hospital, in prison, serving alongside the armed services or ministering to sports teams. Prison chaplaincy, examine the problems of the incarcerated - people who are often misunderstood and forgotten.


Chaplains and ministers work in a ministry of presence, they deal with real life situations and at times under dangerous conditions on a day by day basis. If you are serious about your out reach ministry or chaplaincy program you need diverse training no matter where you get that training from, it is our hope that the information you find here will help you in some way.

Marriage, Hospital Visitation and Funeral Manuals


Contemporary manuals for ministering in the modern world! Pastor Biddle has revised and updated his classic works so you're better able to plan services and provide pastoral care. Each pocket-sized edition features all the guidelines, sample services, prayers, Scripture, and denominational resources you need for weddings and marital counseling, hospital visits, or funerals. Also click here for wedding Manuals

We use these quick scripture reference books all the time, they are great.


Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling: Now you can have all that the Bible says about resolving personal problems and meeting emotional needs right at your fingertips! This expanded, easy-to-use edition numerically arranges Scripture verses for topics such as anxiety, hope, marriage, work, and much more. A unique resource for personal devotions as well as counseling.


Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Youth: It's tough to be a teenager in today's culture. But this topical, cross-referenced guide makes it easy for counselors, parents, and pastors to offer situation-specific scriptural guidance and encouragement---fast. Learn what God's Word says about drugs and alcohol, self-injury, eating disorders, puberty, suicide, purity, and more.


Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women: Written to meet the unique and specific needs of women and those who counsel them. This concise, topical resource of Scripture references covers approximately ninety topics that today's women face, including abortion, aging/menopause, bitterness, career, co-dependency, divorce, empty nest, flirtation, hospitality, marriage, past memories, prodigal children, self worth, and an unsaved spouse. This book was written as a personal reference guide for women, but is also very useful for counselors, pastors, and women's ministry leaders as well.


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