Chief Chaplain Russell "T-Bear" Farmer " Chief Chaplain of Biker Chaplains)
Biker Chaplain's can contact CH Farmer "T-Bear" at - 254-598-5051 or by his email below

Chaplain Farmer has been with Chaplain Fellowship Ministries for 15 years and has been a real blessing to many who the Lord has put in his path in biker ministry. Photos will change every ten seconds after you click on start.

We hope you enjoy the slide show!

The world of violence, poverty, alcoholism, drug abuse, drive-by shootings and broken marriages isn't the world God created for us. We can by the Grace of God as chaplains can turn a lot of this around and make a difference in our communities if we just get out there and do it, we must be real and take the ministry of Jesus Christ to our people, where they live, just as He did. ©All right reserved by ™Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc.

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