Dr. Donald Gibson
Serving in Combat and God's Forgiveness

Folks I received a call from a veteran a while back who ask me if there really was a God why does He allow wars. I told him when I was a young Marine grunt in Vietnam I had many of the same questions and doubts because of all the women, children and old people being killed just for being in the wrong place. After I became older it became clear to me that during WWII those fighting for America who were Christians prayed to God asking Him to help America win the war so they could go home. Folks there were also many German soldiers who were also Christians that prayed for the same things.

There were also many Frenchmen who were Christians who prayed for the same thing. I then ask this veteran, which one of God’s children’s prayers should He, or could He have answer. We as Christians are all God’s children no matter which side we are on, we need to understand that God will not take sides against His children. Yes Hitler was very evil and God did have His justice on him, as He does with all evil in His own time. He then asks me if God will forgive us and others who have served in combat. I explained that I do believe with all my heart that He does forgives us, especially when it come to situations that we are thrown into because we have no choice or control over. Governments start wars, not the people, we have but one choice, that is to suffer the ills of war. I ask him to learn the serenity prayer and recite it every morning and evening, I ask him to keep it in his thoughts throughout his day every day.

Folks we must know the difference; otherwise we go through life carrying a lot of pain, guilt and fear. Fear and guilt has been used by religions, governments, people of power and people period since the beginning of time to control us when it benefits them. Jesus came for more reasons than many understand, including freeing us from fear, guilt and bondage. He taught us that God is within us always. The “kingdom of Heaven is within you” We would all be a lot happier if we truly understand His teachings, instead of letting others lead us away from His teachings, with false teachings. Many of us live our lives in bondage, fear and guilt, worrying about situations that never happen. Folks the truth will set you free. God bless everyone, thank you for your time!

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