Dr. Donald Gibson
False Prophets and False or Strange interpretations

Folks I want to discuss with you a few things that I feel are serious problems now days. That is how people use their own interpretations of the bible without knowledge or even any proper study; some just listen to other people’s interpretations. I have heard some strange interpretations of scipture over the years and especally this past year, also the subjects of separation of church and state comes up a lot.

We should not listen to a person’s interpretation of anything just because the person may have a title”. This can be reckless behavior that can hurt or even destroy some of our lives. We must give ourselves a little credit and seek wisdom and guidance, we must study daily.

Folks It is ok to not always have the answers, there are times when there are just no answers. Most do not know that the word “nice” used to mean foolish or stupid? Ironically, PEOPLE started using it as a way to describe someone as “pleasant” or “decent,” totally UNAWARE of its original meaning, nor did they even bother to find out. Separation of church and state in its original context meant that the government would not have an official “state Church” like England had.

The English form of government officially supported the Church of England using tax money. The founding fathers, did not want a government controlled, or government run church. Having said that folks, we must never forget that proper interpretations are very important to deliver the proper message. It does not matter whether we are interpreting the Bible, the Constitution, or any other information.

If we JUST interpret what we have heard, and not checking the information for ourselves, we are doing God’s people and ourselves a great injustice. We must be wise and seek the proper interpretations, we must be good students of bible and history as well, and we must be wise when it comes to the rights we have as believers, AND the rights we have as citizens in our country. God bless everyone!

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