Chaplains News and Field Reports! (Page 5)

Chaplain Kenneth McEahern reporting in from Pennsylvania: I have been taken on at a Pennsylvania State nursing facility (quite large—approx 500 beds) as a chaplain for two days per week. My Supervisor said that there are two full time chaplains, and that sometimes these positions Open up quickly due to transfers and that if they like my work, that could open up for me. I just went in merely to pick up an application and the director Made me stay for three hours and fill out all the paper work. Because of my status as a Senior Chaplain Certified she waived the training requirement, and I was immediately taken on pending background investigation. The identification that CFMI issued definitely carries weight with the state of Pennsylvania. Chaplain Kenneth McEahern

Chaplain Farmer reporting in from California: On Monday, December 15, the 700 club will air the testimony of Chaplain \"Big Al\" Aceves, a member of Chaplain Fellowship Motorcycle Ministries. You will have to check your local times. Chaplain Aceves was the cofounder of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club Mongols. He has an awesome testimony that will astound you. All the bikers that were used in the taping of this presentation are Christians. Chaplain Russell Farmer

Chaplain Ken Day reporting in from North Carolina: I have recently been assigned as Voluntary Chaplain to Foothills Correctional Center in Morganton NC. I will be working on the segregation unit with inmates ages 18-23. In addition, I will be leading a discipleship class in the minimum custody unit for chronically ill. The Lord has opened doors through CFMI. Chaplain Ken Day
Chaplain Dan Ferguson Reporting in From Texas: It has been almost 2 years since being ordained as a member and I have been called to be a chaplain for a venturing crew in Boy Scouts. I also serve as a God and life counselor as well. The Lord has kept me busy in my ministry with the youth I serve. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Take care & God bless Chaplain Dan Ferguson

Update From Home Office: The Conference in Oklahoma City was very informative and everyone had a good time. We would like to thank the speakers this year who did a great job on their presentations. Chaplain Larry Todd's presentation was on wedding and funerals. Chaplain Sonny Fox's presentation was on the books of the bible, Chaplain Russell Farmer's presentation was on Motorcycle ministry, Chaplain Thomas Mayfield's presentation was on being a forensic chaplain, Chaplain Steve Neatherlin's presentation was on Alcohol & Drug Rehab. Chaplains Lewis and Delores Goode blessed everyone with their music again this year. Four of the young men from the Humble house blessed everyone with their music which was a surprise we were not expecting. We would also like to thank Chaplain Bruce Francis for putting everything together again this year, he always does a wonderful job. Chaplain Jim Moore won the drawing for the anniversary family edition of the Geneva Bible and blessed the guys from the Humble House by giving it to them, an act of love that will not be forgotten. Start making plans for next year everyone. The Conference next year will be held in Texas, by request of several members the conference will last four days instead of two if possible. We will be posting some photos taken on the gallery page within a few days. God bless everyone, and thank you for all your hard work and fellowship. Chaplain Gibson

Chaplain Jeff Russell Reporting in From Pennsylvania: Chaplain Jeff Russell CFMI Director for Prison Ministries was activated to the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area which was devastated by flooding this year. As part of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplain Russell worked with flood victims, law enforcement personnel and first responders. He was assigned to the Law Enforcement Support Team and worked with beleagured police, EMS and Sheriff Officers for the outlying counties. Submitted by Chaplain Jeff Russell

Chaplain Gary Hosfelt Reporting in From Ohio: I did my third wedding a few weeks ago. This was a young couple that I met about a year and a half ago whose child was dying in the NICU at Nationwide Children's Hospital here in Columbus. I work with the young father's mother so had a connection that way. Since I work for Nationwide Children's and many of my coworkers knew the baby's father because of his mother, I led several prayer times for the baby during his last few days, I also stopped by the room each day to check on them . The little boy died and is now being raised by our Heavenly Father. The couple had another son a month ago who is doing very well. They decide that they should finally get married and raise their boy in a loving home. I was humbled to be asked to perform the ceremony. God took my small random acts of kindness to them during a devastating time and used them to nurture a relationship of trust between all of us. As we prepared for the wedding day, the mother asked if I could say something about the son they had lost. They wanted little Aaron to be a part of the ceremony somehow. After several weeks of praying on just how to do this God finally gave me the words to say during the opening portion of the ceremony. As I honored the son they lost, I looked into the eyes of a mother and father that still grieves. But it soon became clear to them that we celebrated the short 2 months of his life here on earth. I mentioned how God used this little boy to bring so many people together. I told them that this child touched more lives in a short period of time than many people do in a lifetime. After the ceremony many of those attending came up and thanked me for the words I was allowed to speak. The moral of all this is that we should never underestimate how God will use us as we walk through this world. The best we can do is to leave a mark for Jesus with each step that we take. God bless you. Reaching Others by Reaching Out, Submitted by Chaplain Gary Hosfelt

Chaplain James Moore Reporting in From Texas: Greeting All for Brother Jim in Texas, Thank you for your thoughts and prayers throughout our ordeal with Hurricane Ike. We had electricity restored on Thursday evening after the storm and all the other utilities had been restored before then. I’m extremely grateful and thankful for all the amenities we have here. What a blessing to live in a country that has the wonder of utilities that improve and sustain our blessed quality of life. I’m also thankful for the sparing of destruction of our home and property. Though a neighbor’s tree fell just inches from hitting our house and blocked the front door we were extremely blessed in that none of the 15 tree in our front yard or the 35 trees we have in the back fell or were damaged severely. I have been cleaning up every day since the storm and my return home and it looks as though I haven’t even made a dent in the branches and pine cones speckled throughout the yard. I have had some nice big fires though. I’m thinking of practicing sending smoke signals. Another blessing was that the neighbor’s tree diden't’t hit Dr. Victor Brown’s car he parked in my yard for the trip…. Whew! Thank you Lord! The convention this year was just awesome in my book. Meeting some of you for the first time and seeing others again was wonderful. Thank you all for being there and what you do for the Kingdom of God . When I hear back from you I would love to know what most enriched your ministry and life at the conference. As for me, I can’t pinpoint just one thing but it was all wonderful. The talks on Saturday were all enlightening and I hope to remember them as the time may come when much of what was shared will be needed or called upon. The time of music and worship Saturday evening was also refreshing. One highlight for me was meeting little Drew. What a joy to see such a wonderful blessing in the lives of those that bless us so very much. My prayers are with you guys!!! Thank You all again and Blessings to you all. Hope to hear from each of you soon, or visit Brother Jims Web Site Submitted by Chaplain James Moore

Update From The Home Office: CFMI has chaplains responding to the disaster areas in Houston, Galveston and the surrounding areas from all over Texas and from New York .We also have several chaplains responding to the Bell county convention center in Belton Texas by request from the Bell Baptist association. This disaster has left thousands stranded all over Texas in shelters, churches and convention centers. Over two million have no electricity, emergency workers are doing their best to distribute food and water. All those who are not responding please keep all our chaplains who are responding and all those effected by this disaster in your prayers. Chaplain Gibson

Update, Chaplain Chaplain Skip Straus Reporting in From Houston Texas: Prayer works, After being told our county could be 3-4 weeks without electricity, our power came on at 1500hrs yesterday… we are one of the only 10% of ½ million customers in our county with power… and, it is normally 90-95 degrees here this time of year with 80-90% humidity. It is 67 degrees as I write this with 40% humidity – another GOD thing! On the downside that still needs prayer… our house is worse shape than thought… claims adjuster was here yesterday and stopped halfway through and said, “I have to call a structural engineer.” The house took a major hit from that tree.Thank you, brother, and thank the other prayer warriors fighting the good fight.On HIS Shift,

Chaplain Skip Straus Reporting in From Houston Texas: Hey Brother...Pretty bad here I'm afraid... though everyone here is okay physically. I was at work for 2 days straight as a paramedic supervisor in Pearland... we had 100+ mph winds for almost 8 hours straight. Got home and we have a 60' tree into the roof and it has buckled the back wall of the house on the second floor. We have no cell, no phone and they are telling us we won't have power back for 3 or 4 WEEKS in Montgomery County. I am back on another 24 hour shift today. Cindy called and managed to find a generator today... praise GOD! It could have been so much worse. Please pray for all families affected. Please also pray for stamina for all of us in emergency services... we are getting quite the workout. On HIS Shift, Submitted by Chaplain Skip Straus, NREMT-P, BCCC

From Deputy Chief Chaplain Arthur Martinez Director of Disaster Deployment: Chaplain Martinez has been in contact with the Baton Rouge FD and spoke to a spokeswoman for Mayor Naggin. He has also contacted Gov. Jindal, and unless needed they are way ahead of this disaster regarding being prepaired. They stated they will call upon our crisis response chaplains if needed. As before FEMA and the state of LA. Is coordinating everything themselves. They made it clear that they do not need folks that are not called showing up, they let us know that they were not talking about our chaplains. The problem last time was during Katrina regular folks wanting to help just showed up by the bus loads and became part of the problem. Chaplain Martinez let them know, we will be standing by and waiting for further notification if they need help. We are asking everyone at this time to please respect the wishes of Mayor Naggin and Governor Jindal. Thank you Deputy Chief Chaplain Martinez

Chaplain Mary Dobbs checked in: Chaplain Dobbs contacted ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans) They have already deployed all their volunteers for evac of animals and people with pets. They started at 5:00am.

Chaplain Russell Farmer Reporting in From California: Chaplain Brandi Dorres with Chaplain Fellowship Motorcycle Ministries has been offered a job as a Hospice Chaplain for Kaiser Permanente Hospice and Palliative Care Program. Keep her in prayer. She will become a full time Hospice Chaplain. The area she will be working in is Bellflower, LA, and South Bay. She will be visiting hospice and palliative care patients and spiritually assessing their needs. God Bless everyone! Chaplain Russell Farmer

Chaplain David Fair Reporting in From Texas: The Lord has really opened some awsome doors. I'm currently assisting the 56IBCT Chaplain, at Camp Bowie where we have 1,000 boots on the ground. None of this would be happening if the Lord did not bring us together "CFMI" like he did for my Ph.D. and all the other paperwork needed to get in the guard. I was called to state active duty for 2 weeks. Serving with the Task Force. My mission was to support the deployed soldiers of the Military Forces of Texas. We worked out of Weslaco and up and down the border area near Dolly Landfall. PODS (points of distribution) and PODS + meaning a shelter is included. They were distributing ice and water from 18 wheelers FEMA sent with DPS escorts. Here are some pictures Photo 1 . Photo 2

Chaplain Mick Dobra Reporting in from Peoria IL: I wanted to report on a recent DiRT (disaster response team) trip to Madison WI to help with flood relief. I have been working with my local church, Richwoods Christian Church, to develop a DiRT ministry and was sent by the missions team to serve and learn: The people in Wisconsin were hit hard. There are many displaced and discouraged families. I was overwhelmed by how many of God’s people were there helping in the recovery efforts! I worked on a crew of about 15 people (1 crew of many!) on Saturday in small town outside of Reedsburg. Our crew was assigned to “mud out” houses that had been flooded. There were 5 locals from Reedsburg, two people from Madison WI, myself from Peoria IL, and the rest were from a Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team from Texas. Because of the love God showed for us by sending His son to take our punishment, giving us new life, we are to share that love by feeding the hungry, by giving drink to the thirsty, by providing shelter for the displaced, by sharing clothing to those without, and by visiting and caring for the sick and injured (Matthew 25:31-40), and Christ’s love was evident in Wisconsin! I pray that God would strengthen the Disaster Response volunteers. I pray for the families and individuals that are struggling with the overwhelming sense of loss, that they would put there trust in the Lord, recover, and move forward. I also pray for my host family, Bill and Dian, and for the High Point Church DiRT and leadership. I pray that God would be glorified and that all would look to Him in times of sorrow and joy. In Jesus Christ’s name I pray – Amen. Chaplain Mick Dobra . See Photos

Chaplain Mary Dobbs Reporting In From Colorado: I just finished officiating for a week at the Vietnam Memorial Wall. I was honored to be the master of ceremonies and to write and officiate for the Veterans Memorial ceremony in front of the Wall on Saturday pm, for 800 people, many were veterans of Vietnam and other wars. I spent countless hours listening in a ministry of presence, while many vets shared their stories with me about Nam, Desert Storm and Iraq; many of these happened in the wee hours of the night. Spent some time with the wife of a Medal of Honor winner from Colorado. The event went from Wed am until Sun pm. See a Few Photos on . Member's Photo Page!

Chaplain David Ray Reporting In From Michigan: Just a note to let everyone know some of the things the Lord has been guiding us in. Our food ministry is blessing more families each week, on avg. 2 to 3 more each week because of the way the economy is. Because of this, next month we will have to get another alotment of food sooner than expected. Also, my wife LaVonna and a friend of her's from our church have agreed to visit a nursing home in Sturgis,MI. called Thurston Woods Care Home. They visited the nursing home with our Yellow Labrador Retriever named Buck and her friend's Poodle. They said the reaction to the dogs was remarkable ! Especially our yellow lab who is so spoiled anyway ! Chaplain LaVonna and her friend have agreed to bring the dogs every other Monday; the other days they will visit with the patients, reading the Bible and books to them. The joy it brings to someone who may not have anyone to visit them. Also, in the near future our ministry & our church will partner together to have a neighborhood meet & greet luncheon with gospel music etc. God is so good ! When life seems so hard at times & we think we have it so rough, there is someone else that is going though much worse ! My prayer has always been,"Lord, bless us so we can be a blessing to others" That's what being a chaplain & a disciple of Jesus Christ means to me. My fellow chaplains -- Keep the Faith ! Keep up the good work ! God Bless All ! Chaplain David Ray

Member's Update: Congratulations to the following chaplains for meeting the requirement and standards for certification through HomeLand Crisis Institute Division. Master Chaplain Curtis Henry -New York, Master Chaplain Ennenga Frederick, Master Chaplain Kurtz Jay -Illinois, Master Chaplain Manning James -Florida, Master Chaplain Simpson JDavid -South Carolina, Master Chaplain Tabor Paul -Texas, Master Chaplain Whitted Lindsie -Pennslyvania.

Chaplain Mary Dobbs Reporting In From Colorado:Chaplain Dobbs will be officiating at the Veterans Memorial service at the Vietnam Wall arriving in Boulder this week.The 240' X 8' Wall will be there and open to the public 24 / 7, with a Native American ceremonial fire all night on Saturday to honor all veteran warriors.That is when most of the vets will arrive, after dark. I others will be there. "The Moving Wall" is the half-size replica of the Washington, DC Vietnam Veterans Memorial and has been touring the country for more than twenty years. When John Devitt attended the 1982 dedication in Washington, he felt the positive power of "The Wall." He vowed to share that experience with those who did not have the opportunity to go to Washington. John, Norris Shears, Gerry Haver, and other Vietnam veteran volunteers built The Moving Wall. It went on display for the first time in Tyler, Texas in October of 1984. Two structures of The Moving Wall now travel the USA from April through November, spending about a week at each site.

Chaplain Sonny Fox Reporting In From Caliorina: Chaplain Fox is the President of Team POSSIBILITIES and Deputy Chief Director of Motorsports Ministries. Here are some photos Dr. Fox sent in with himself and his beautiful Lady. You will also see photos showing the CFMI decals on the Terminator Monster Truck sponsor panels. It was very nice of Sonny to have our decals put on the Terminator where they will be seen by thousands of people all over the United States. The Terminator has been featured in Movies such as: (Serving Sara, With Elizabeth Hurley and Matthew Perry) (Car 54, Where Are You?) The Terminator has been in TV Commercials for BMW, National Car Rental and Domino's Pizza. TV Spots the Terminator has been in: ESPN Sports and Nashville Network. Magazines: Sports Illustrated, Off-Road, 4 Wheel, Pulling Power, Thunder Trucks, Truckin, Super Trucks, and Mud Madness.

Notice! From Dr. Ann Brown Presdient of the Joint Commission is offering limited time specials on all training programs. All courses will be discounted 50%. For more information contact Dr. Brown toll free at (866) 925-0713 ext 4 or by email at

Chaplain James Cardin Reporting In From New York: Chaplain Cardin works at a Hospital and two Ambulance companies in his district. They have purchased their our own 2 Way Radios and are able to be in contact "On the Street" to Respond whenever needed. Chaplain Cardin serves in prison ministry at the Yates County Jail and pastors Home Fellowship in Dundee. They are trying to buy the property where they are and will be using the adjoining Suite as an office. Chaplain James Cardin

Chaplain Jim Taylor Reporting In From Georgia : What I wanted to share is about the problem that some of us have due to others not recognizing our ordination or lack of seminary training. My application for becoming a police chaplain here in Peachtree City, GA was rejected. Ironically, the senior management of the police department rejected the application in spite of the fact that the chief chaplain strongly supported me. Shortly after that episode, I applied to be a chaplain at a nearby hospital and have been warmly accepted there. Then just yesterday, my pastor, who is also the Bishop for the Diocese, commissioned me a Lay Liturgical Minister of the church and during the commissioning he pointed out to the congregation that I am a chaplain at the hospital. My message is this; there are going to be some to question our ordination (and lack of seminary training), but there are also those who are going to fully support the work of CFM just have to keep the faith, be patient, and fight the good fight!!! Regards, Chaplain Jim Taylor

Chaplain Terry wildman Reporting In From Missouri: We held our annual summer picnic with the church of god fellowship that I attend here in cape we sponsor the gibson center and they attended as well. It was a great time and lots of great homemade foods. We are having weekly bible studies and counseling sessions as a group and one on one at the gibson center and have been seeing great results. Reverend David Mcneely and I have been conducting these bible studies and counseling classes. This is just proof that god is still working in our lives and I hope this is an encouragement to all chaplains to not give up. Sincerely Chaplain Terry wildman

Member's Update: Chaplain Fellowship has changed CPA firms for filing our yearly 990. Starting this Year we have changed to Jackson Hewitt who is owned and operated by some very nice people. Jackson Hewitt charged use half of what we have been paying every year. It has been a pleasure working with Jackson Hewitt and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.

You may have noticed we are setting up new departments for different levels and types of certifications. The HomeLand Crisis Institute has already been established for Crisis Responder Chaplains. If you meet the qualification required and would like to be certified as a Crisis Responder Chaplain please let us know. Chaplains who request this certification must meet the entire requirement listed.

1. Chaplain Fellowship Motorcycle Ministries has been established under the presiding directorship of Master Chaplain Russell “T-Bear” Farmer. This department is for members who want to be certified as biker chaplains. There is a lot to be learned about what to do, and what not to do in the biker community. If you do not know what to do you could get yourself and other hurt, it is a very serious ministry that must be respected. Chaplain Farmer is an old pro at this type of ministry and knows what he is doing. Visit Web Site!

2. Chaplain Fellowship Motorsports Ministries has been established under the presiding directorship of Master Chaplain Sonny Fox. Chaplain Fox has been involved in motorsports ministry since 1995. Chaplain Fox works with adults and young adults. He also writes a monthly column for Christian Motorsports Illustrated. Visit Web Site!

3. Chaplain Fellowship Nursing Home Ministries has been established under the presiding directorship of Master Chaplain Donald Kressman. Chaplain Kressman has been working in nursing home ministry for several years and does have a very active nursing home ministry in Florida. . Visit Web Site!

4. Chaplain Fellowship Ministries New York has been established under the presiding directorship of Master Chaplain Tommy Davis. We would like to congratulate Master Chaplain Tommy Davis for a job well done on building a great ministry in the state of New York. Chaplain Davis states that it is their hopes to continue to have a powerful effect serving their police, fire departments, hospitals, jails, prisons, and the populace at large. This ministry is growing by leaps and bounds .Visit Web Site!

5. Chaplain Fellowship is also in the process of establishing Chaplain Fellowship Hispanic Ministries under the presiding directorship of Master Chaplain Alejandro “Alex” Cordero of South Carolina. There will be other departments being established as they are needed and when qualified chaplains are placed in positions of authority.

6. Times are hard folks and we want to do all that we can to help everyone get what they need to do the Lord's work. Keeping that in mind we have cut everything in half, if not more on some items, in the chaplain's shop where we offer patches, decals and replacement documents. We hope this will help a little for everyone who may be needing these items. Visit Web Site!

7. Many of our members who are truck drivers, sales reps, and others who just do not want to mess with snail mail have asked us to get set up to accept credit cards. Up to now we have always used PayPal which a lot of our members for one reason or another do not like to use. To better serve our members we have entered into an agreement with Authorize.Net a secure online server to handle credit card charges for our members. We hope this will help to better serve everyone who prefers to use credit cards to get the patches, Decals, replacement

Chaplain Tommy Davis (State Director NY) Reporting in from Rochester New York: Chaplain Fedllowship Ministries NY- Commissioning service were held at the Victory Baptist Church on Saturday. The promotions are as follows:

1. Chaplains Mark and Diane Dunning was promoted to Major (state district directors SW& CNY)
2. Chaplain Henry Curtis was promoted to Major (state district director WNY)
3. Chaplain Roy Jones was promoted to Divisions Chief of Rochester
4. Chaplain Orville Beckford was commissioned as Divisions Captain of Rochester
5. Chaplain Emmitte Myrick was commissioned as First Lieutenant of Division 1 of Rochester
6. Chaplain Harold Wilson was promoted to Second Lieutenant of Division 2 of Rochester
7. Chaplain Donald Stevens was commissioned as Sergeant Major of the Ministry
8. Chaplain Barbara Pradia was promoted to Staff Sergeant
9. Chaplain Sabou Mathias was promoted to Sergeant of Division 3
10.Marjorie Frazier --- commissioned as chaplain
11.Yvonne Poole --- commissioned as chaplain

I have made contact with our uniform company and was informed that they will customize our chaplains windbreakers if we would order a minimum of 25. We need these marked light jackets for high and low activity events since we are involved with just about everything from natural disasters, homicides, to gun drop-offs. We will have "CHAPLAIN" printed on the left arm and back of windbreaker.Once we complete our training with the Monroe County Medical Reserve Corp. we will begin training with the Homeland Crisis Institute under the jurisdiction of the Monroe Community College. I believe that we are now in a position to assume the position as top tier clergy in the Western NY community. Not only will we operate with sound theological positions, we will minister with a hands-on approach by directly participating in relief efforts in conjunction with all other First Responders. Chaplains on our command staff who work with the Rochester Police Department have the responsibility to direct every chaplain involved in crime fighting initiatives in Monroe County. The VISION is coming to pass that we will take back our community and truly be a blessing to our citizens through serving. Master Chaplain Tommy Davis, D.D.C.S. - Certified Crisis Responder Chaplain.

Chaplain's Notice May 29th: Chaplain Barbara Ellen Johnson From California lost her battle with cancer today and has gone home to be with the Lord. Chaplain Johnson has been with Chaplain Fellowship since August 2004. Barbara gave the cancer a good long fight, on top of everything else she suffered a stroke and still never gave up. She never lost her will to live and her strong faith in the Lord. She will be dearly missed by many who knew her and loved her, I was blessed to be one of those people. Chaplain Donald Gibson

Chaplain Gregory Wilhite Reporting in from Germany: Greeting, Just a short note to check in with everyone and let you know that we are doing well here in Germany. Kelly and the kids (even the one yet to be named) are doing great and looking forward to summer vacation. The Lord is and has been doing a great work here and we are truly blessed to be in His service. We have the privilege of working with and under a great missionary couple out of England. They have been a blessing as well as good friends during our settling in phase. Kelly is doing great as a midwife at the army hospital and working and counseling with me as we meet and train couples for our small groups starting next month. We have met some really great Christian brother and sisters here who are willing to join us in His continue to pray for us and keep us in your hearts....feel free to visit. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well....please let us know if you have any need. Love, Greg, Kelly, Benjamin, Mikayla, Joshua and Mystery baby?

Chaplain David Fair Reporting in from Washington DC.: I have been in Washington representing AAPO, and CFM as well as others at the National Police Memorial week. See attached photo. Feel free to use.I am standing with two Washington DC Capitol Police as we are going into the memorial on the Capitol Grounds.Other photo is the crowd of families whose lost an officer killed in the line of duty.See photos in the photo gallery. . Photo Gallery

Member's Update on the American Cancer Society relay for life: ( The Shadow Walkers) Team Captain Chaplain Shannon Hess. Our Team did real good in the American Cancer Society relay for life this year. We won 2nd place for our spirit stick which a team member had to carry at all times while on the track, Chaplain Hess spent 5 hours creating a great spirit stick. Team Shadow Walkers also won 2nd place for the best camp site. We would like to thank Mr. Sterling Schwartz owner of Active Signs in Temple for making a great banner and donating it to Team Shadow Walkers. We would also like to thank everyone who made donations to our team, we raised $1,700.00 for the fight against cancer. All the teams together in Temple were able to raise over a $100,000.00 for cancer research. Team Shadow Walkers by the grace of God were able to keep team members on the track from 3:pm Saturday to 6:am Sunday morning, it was a very long night. There were some very tired people by 6:am, but they stayed and never gave up. Chaplain Fellowship Ministries hopes to get more people involved in the American Cancer Society relay for life each year. Just think we could have teams all over the United States working together to fight against the evil that cancer strikes in thousands of children and adults every year. If you are interested in starting a team for the American Cancer Society relay for life lets us know and we will get you the information you need. God bless everyone, and thank you! ( The Team Members of Team Shadow Walkers) Team Captain Shannon Hess, Team members - Todd Hess, Tina Gibson, Don Gibson, Heather Cook, Ann Brown, Alison Cook, Brittney Cook and Carrie Kurry.

Chaplain Tommy Davis Reporting in from New York: We have just wrapped up a four day program on Saturday April 19th with the US Marshal’s service called Fugitive Safe Surrender. Chaplains Roy Jones, Robert and Diane Dunning, Frank Doig, Marjorie Frazier, Henry Curtis, and myself took part in the program along with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, and the Rochester Police Department. We had 209 people turn themselves in. 12 had felonies, 190 had misdemeanors, 39 people had no warrants at all. It was 217 total warrants that was handled and 304 charges cleared. This was a time when wanted fugitives could turn themselves in under the hands of the clergy. Chaplain Fellowship Ministries received some honorable mention among some participants. Thus, we had many requests from people to join our team. I have appointed Chaplains Robert Dunning, Henry Curtis, and Paul Rankin as district directors. They will oversee all interviews and disciplinary. These chaplains have been found to be trustworthy and dedicated to the ministry. I have appointed Chaplain Roy Jones as Divisions Chief to oversee the three divisions in the Rochester region. Chaplain Jones will answer to our three district directors. We are growing and still receiving requests from people to join so the responsibility have to be divided. We are working with a number of agencies and we must have good organization and effectiveness. At our next commissioning service, I will appoint division commanders, one for each of the three divisions who will be responsible for the development of chaplains in that group. We are looking to take New York by storm with qualified and spiritually mature chaplains who will serve the community in love and have a godly influence in our society.

Member's Up coming event: For those who did not know, Chaplain Shannon Hess is a cancer surviver (7 years cancer free! Praise God) Chaplain Hess, Chaplain Gibson, Tina Gibson and Chaplain Ann Brown are team members ( Chapalin Fellowship Shadow Walkers) in the American Cancer Society Relay For Life starting Saturday at 3:00:00 PM and ending Sunday morning at 7:00:00 AM in Temple Texas. Chaplain Hess and other cancer survivers will start the relay of and will also walk the last lap together. Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature activity. It offers everyone in a community an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. Teams will be camping out at Temple Wildcat Stadium, team members take turns walking or running around the track. Each team must have a representative on the track at all times during the event. These events mobilize communities across the country to celebrate survivorship, remembering those who lost their lives to cancer, and raise money for the fight against cancer. For more information click here We would like to thank our members who are sponsoring our team. We will be posting some pictures after the event!

Chaplain Jeffery Russell Reporting from Pennsylvania: Chaplain Russell was recently intervied by a magazine called Chronogram concerning post combat PTSD."Barriers and Bridges to Helping War Veterans Heal" Chaplain Russell is looking for ways to reach out to National Guard and Reservists, such as by bringing to Philadelphia an initiative called Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. Pioneered by the Minnesota National Guard, this program provides counseling for veteran reintegration, health care, and for legal, educational, and employment is a copy of the article. Here is a link to the interview with Chaplain Russell.

Chaplain Dave Roznowski Reporting from lima Ohio: Dear Friends in Christ, I wanted to share with you the amazing things God is doing through the Juvenile Detention Center(JDC) Ministry in Lima, Ohio. Thanks to the credentials I received through CFM, God opened a door for three of us to begin ministering to youth ages 9 to 17 in the local JDC. Weekly we are sharing the gospel and God’s word with about 30+ teens. In addition, we have been able to mentor several youth using biblical counsel. Over 100 teens have given their hearts to the Lord ! Praise God ! Please continue to pray for the ministry God has entrusted us with; that we may remain faithful, not grow weary, and have strength to battle the warfare at hand. Thanks again for the part you have played in the work the Lord is doing in Ohio. Be blessed and encouraged my brothers. Chaplain Dave Roznowski - Lima, Ohio

CONGRADULATIONS to the recipient of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (2007): We would like to congratulate those who received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2007. 1. Chief Chaplain Shannon Hess 2. Deputy Chief Ann Brown (Texas) 3. Deputy Chief Delores Goode(Texas) 4. Master Chaplain Terry Dyer (Oklahoma) 5. Senior Chaplain Robert Green (Texas) 6. Senior Chaplain Thomas Peoples (Texas) 7. Senior Chaplain Alea Roger (Arizona) 8. Master Chaplain Larry Todd (Texas) 9. Senior Chaplain Jerry Rawlins (Oregon) 10. Senior Chaplain Steve Neatherlin (Texas) 11. Chaplain Connie Neatherlin (Texas) 12. Senior Chaplain Henry Mixon III (Florida) 13. Senior Chaplain David Ray (Michigan). 14. Chaplain Lewis Goode (Texas) Blessings come in many forms. These chaplain have been a great blessing by the Grace of our lord two all those they work with in ministry, their communities, their States, Their Country and Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. They give from the heart in everything that they do without asking anything in return. God Bless You! Chaplain Don Gibson, Chaplain Bruce Francis, Chaplain Shannon Hess

Senior Chaplain Anthony Pursser Reporting from Dacula Georgia: Wanted to touch base and share what God is doing. Several months ago I met a man at the Lawrenceville armory where I preach. His name was Dr. Curtis Lucas. He is with the VA. and he had come to the armory to tell the soldiers of a new vet center opening up. We talked for a few and swapped business cards. I never thought of it again. In November of 07 I received an invitation to the vet centers grand opening, and I went. Again I got a chance to talk with Dr, Lucas and share what we do. Last week Dr. Lucas contacted me and ask if I would be willing to hold a workshop on forgivness. To say the least I am truely humbled. Dr Lucas would also like for us to begin making spiritual care visits for any vet wishing to have a pastoral visit. This is so exciting and I am so humbled that the Lord would allow me to be a part of this outreach to our service men and women. I would ask that everyone keep me in your prayers for wisdom and strength. Anthony Pursser,Senior Chaplain

Master Chaplain Tommy Davis Reporting In from New York: Chaplain Fellowship Ministries New York is growing and we are overcoming some serious barriers in this state. Once I get on the day shift I will be starting a ministry training class where I (and other chaplains) will teach a six month course on Homiletics, Hermeneutics, and Apologetics. This way, our new chaplains who desire a springboard in theology can benefit from the foundational teachings of the historic Christian faith for a more effective ministry. I will also infuse into the curriculum a taste of biblical economics because it is very important to display a fiscally good report when ministering to those who have need.Also, chaplains Paul Rankin, Henry Curtis, and Roy Jones just completed their certification in Acute Traumatic Stress Management under the jurisdiction of the Rochester Police Department. In addition, we are experiencing a great number of pastors who desire to join Chaplain Fellowship Ministries. It is not my desire to infiltrate our numbers with pulpit pastors due to a number of issues. The desired end is to have members from different congregations engage in the ministry that God has called them into outside the four walls while at the same time maintaining fellowship with their local church. Many pastors are trying to join for additional recognition and not for service reasons. Master Chaplain Tommy Davis, D.D.C.S

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